Mar 19, 2007

Another day in Paradise

Saturday we were sunning and Sunday we were back to freezing. Amazing how that works...

Well, this trip was interesting to say the least!

- The hotel never did make good on finding anyone to perform my brother's wedding ceremony, I have never seen people be less accommodating in my life

- Mike and Trish had to get married in Higuey, a town which was an hour away, at 8:00 a.m. in the morning - lovely!

- The place they got married was basically a hole in the wall so we all couldn't go - just the parents and wedding party :(

Oh well, we did enjoy a nice reception at a neighbouring restaurant called 'Jellyfish'. The owner of this restaurant went above and beyond the call and truly made the day a memorable one. The restaurant was open-air style and right on the beach. We dined downstairs...

and then retired upstairs afterwards to comfy couches and big pillows on the floor, how yummy is that?...

The photo above shows our friends Betty and Dalmer from Saskatchewan who also came to the reception. They met us on this trip and we had so much fun with them. (we met them 7 years ago when we went to Puerto Plata have kept in touch since) We were thrilled to be finally able to meet up after all of these years!

This was the view from the top floor of the restaurant:

Jack and Ellie loved the birds they had there:

Afterwards we took pictures on the beach...

My two handsome brothers shown above

The happy newlyweds Mike and Trish

More pics on Flickr...

Our hotel IFA Ocean Bavaro was disappointing. The grounds and beach were amazing but the service and food was to be desired. There were 22 of us on this trip together and all of us experienced reoccurring tummy troubles at some point. I was so happy to come home to peanut butter toast and milk!

...and to see Wilbur of course! The pet sitter was not amused and told me Wilbur 'acted out' while we were gone. Bad boy! He apparently broke two baby gates, chewed on books and kleenex boxes, jumped on counters to grab food, etc. Um, lady, that's a normal day aorund our house!


Chunks said...

HAhhaha Wilbur!!! He should have his own TV show!

The trip (even the crummy parts) sounds fabulous. Of course, anywhere that isn't -15C and snowing sounds great to me right about now!

The pictures are fabulous! You must be happy to be home though. I know we are happy to have you back!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Now see, if you lived closer (I mean MUCH closer! lol) I could have watched Wilbur for you! Am quite sure he and Rudy would have had tons of fun creating havoc. ;) Speaking of Wilbur, chica, check my blog and the lists to make sure that you aren't feeding him any of the foods listed on the BIG pet food recall. They say it hasn't affected food in Canada, but better safe than sorry, right?

Was sooooo thrilled to pop over to your blog and see you were back...have missed you! Was a crazy weekend, so wasn't able to do my 'daily check' to see if you were back, so imagine my surprise when I got not one, but TWO blog entries from ya! Woo-hoo! The pictures were lovely (just like postcards!), but sorry to hear about the situation with the actual wedding ceremony...what a shame there wasn't more help in rectifying it sooner.

Anyway, glad you're home, safe and sound, albeit freezing again. ;)

FarmgirlCyn said...

Still a bit chilly here, very low 40's, but we know that we know that spring is on it's way.
Too bad about the hotel, tho. My daughter just returned from Punta Cana and was also disappointed. Seems the travel agent exaggerated a wee bit.
I love vacations, but the homecoming is always my favorite part. Glad your back!

Carol said...

Glad to see you back, Joy! Missed your blog! Looks like a beautiful time with family and friends! Bummer about the hotel.

Looking forward to reading more!

IsabellasCloset said...

Hello Joy! Oh my gosh how wonderful to hear from you. Such beautiful photos of your brothers wedding. What a truly gorgeous place to have a wedding too!! I have thought about you and wondered how you were doing. It was such a pleasant surprise to see your comment on my blog. Thank you! Take care my sweet friend :-} ~Mary~
PS Hope you, hubby, children, & Wilbur are all doing well.