Mar 26, 2007

Got Cash?

Last week Wilbur got a hold of a t-bone steak bone. (well, that sounds better than actually admitting we gave it to him) He ate it lock/stock and barrel. Big mistake. BIG! He had the runs like you wouldn't believe and then he had blood in his stool a day later which scared us silly. (during this entire time he never looked or acted ill) Why we gave him this bone I don't know - I am embarrassed to admit it but feel everyone should know how dangerous this can be. T-bone steak bones break off into extremely sharp shards and can do a lot of damage. We knew better but we had the intention of taking it away from him when he got most of the meat off. Well, you know how things go - we got busy and he flew under the radar by being quiet for more than one consecutive minute. So I called the vet's office and after making me feel about 2" tall, the assistant told me to bring him in right away, which I dutifully did, knowing full well that this would probably be my costliest mistake ever. And it was. After blood work, xrays, consultation, i.v., medication and special dog food our mistake totalled a whopping $485.00. Owch. That's one expensive steak dinner! I had to laugh at the diagnosis at the bottom of the bill: "Bone particles in stool". No shit Sherlock! He's fine now and that's what matters most. Hubby and I are forever labelled the "town idiots" now but we can live with that.

So, the snow here melted completely on Friday and then it snowed 3" on Saturday night during my sister's birthday party. Sunday it melted again. Strange weather.

The worst thing about this weather is the mud. And the way Wilbur seems to be a magnet for it. His paws were so dirty last night that we had to throw him in the bath. The water was BLACK. And the drain stopped working right after so now we have a bath tub filled with black swamp water.

Here is the loveliness:

The picture above shows Wilbur's "I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me Mom?" look. (coupled with an underlying "Well, I don't feel THAT bad. After all, you did almost KILL me last week...")


oneblueegg said...

WBAHAHAHHAHAH! That Wilber! I swear you need to write a book on him, your writing is bar none THE BEST! Love to hear your tales! Don't feel bad, we've always given our lu bones like that:( but not anymore*!

my gowd that pooch of yours is HUGE! hahahahahaha!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Auntie Lala will say nothing except she's THRILLED goofball Wilbur is okay. And yes, being village idiot for a bit is soooo fine as long as the village goofball is still around to track all that mud into your house. And after nearly 7 years in the veterinary field, believe it or not, your bill wasn't too bad! ;)

FarmgirlCyn said...

OUCH! And right after your lovely vacation! Speaking of which, our daughter and son in law just got back from Punta Cana 9 days ago! They had a great time!

Sandy said...

Oh, my gosh!
I want your dog!!!!!
I love Wilbur!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I always get a kick out of your blog!! What a sweet dog!!

Jenny said...

I love your Wilbur posts...glad he's feeling better!

Linda said...

I came here just to see Wilbur. I couldn't tell on Sandy's site whether he was real or not. I have a teeny tiny Yorkie that I post pics of quite often. Wilbur is just something else. I love him!