Mar 29, 2007

Revelling in His $485 Cure

I am working on the computer this morning and I turn around to see this:

It really is a dog's life.

O.K. For the last two days I have been scouring the Internet for glass jar wholesalers. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. For my new and ever-so-exciting project I need glass jars. Pretty ones. Like apothecary style but wide enough that you can get your hand in there. If anyone has anyone ideas please let me know!

This new video "What We Call the News" from JibJab pretty much sums up the state of our society. After watching it I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!


Anonymous said...

put some tags and a tag physics

oneblueegg said...

bwahahhahaa! love it again SMILING ME:) darn cute dowg! ummm glass jars...let me thinks........

Gypsy Purple said...

Nice blog you have...had a great visit

FarmgirlCyn said...

I laughed.

hallaren said...

I bought new cracker style jars--they are square--with a silver lid at Walmart.

2qt are $3.97
1qt are $2.97

You can get your whole hand inside and they are roomy.

Look for wholesale jars at a florist supplier in your area.

Mailorder is so expensive--the shipping costs are high.

Also try freecycle and craigslist for folks who may want to get rid of big glass jars. You can sterlize them in the dishwasher.

Jenny said...

Mason jars? You can get cases of them at wholesale stores.

Jenny said...

Oops forget that I just reread the post. I'm not sure if you could get your hands in the jars. When are you letting us know your grand idea? Inquiring minds want to know!!