Mar 21, 2007

Slip 'n Slide, Punta Cana Style

On the beach, adjacent to or hotel was this inflatable water slide that the kids loved. (btw, that's not me in the above picture!)

One hot day after perhaps a few too many afternoon cocktails, a bunch of us took the kids and decided we too should try our hand at this mammoth structure. (again, I must stress - a few too many 'Coco Locos' in your system does not make for good decision making)

Here's how it goes, after receiving a bracelet you make your way to the back of the slide where you get hosed down. Literally, with a garden hose. By a guy who enjoys his job a whole lot. (perhpaps too much when it comes to hosing down the ladies) Then you must climb up an enormous amount of stairs which are wobbly, (because they are inflated with air) and then you sit and pray for your life as you slide down a very steep slope into a puddle of water at the end. If you don't hit this puddle, which is designed to slow you down, you hit the end wall with brute force.

Having said all that, I simply cannot properly convey a) how tall this slide was and b) that I am extremely petrified of heights. At one point I was thinking of going back down the stairs of the slide but that looked even riskier than just sliding down the front. After sitting at the top questioning my sanity for a very long time, 'Slide Dude Employee' ended up pushing me down as to not hold anyone else up. My screams could be heard clear across the island. And if worrying about dying on a colourful, inflatable slide wasn't enough - an atomic wedgie was a certain guarantee. Undeniable proof that you should never drink heavily in the afternoon.

But when it comes down to it, I'm no fool. No amount of alcohol could convince me to do this:
(Hubby and Jack as seen from the beach)


Chunks said...

I'm with you, I hate heights!! I love that you pointed out that that picture wasn't you. I was thinking "Man that Joy looks awesome in a bikini!"

Tim Bailey said...

you should have done the parasail. It's absolutely coolio.

SoCalMuchacha said...

OMG, what FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Totally feel like I've gone on a 'mini-vacation' when I look at your pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)

cityfarmer said...

I wanna go too

oneblueegg said...

Gorgeous photos joy! ahhhhh!!! yep I'm with you! no amount of alcheehol chould eva get me to do what your boys did, but the slide oh yeah I would be there!...getting back to normal after all of that? Has got to be hard! It looks like a great time!

heddy said...

Oh Joy,
SOOOOOOOOOOO funny. what a talent you have for telling a story!