Apr 9, 2007

Almost Time for a Haircut!

Oh, this face.

Wilbur's coat is now very bushy - just the way I love him but the hair! Oh, the hair! Old English Sheepdogs are hypo-allergenic dogs which is why we were able to get one as hubby is allergic. Did I luck out with that one or what? Wilbur doesn't really shed like a normal dog when his coat is short but when he gets to this stage it becomes a free-for-all. Just looking at him will send billows of hair down the hall. So my dear sweet fuzz ball will soon look like this:

And he'll be about as happy as this too. Poor little lamb. He knows he's got it going on when he's in full coat, he can pretty much get away with anything. But his ego takes a big hit when he's shaved as he feels naked and vulnerable. Like he wants to wear a sweater or somethin'. When I first got him shaved the groomer (whom I adore as does Wilbur, she's SO terrific with dogs) told me not to laugh when I picked him up. I laughed when she told me this but she assured me she was very serious! To make it not as traumatizing she told me to come in and tell him how beautiful he looked. Well, I was in for a rather big surprise and tried so hard not to laugh. Instead, while I grinned from ear to ear I repeated this mantra out loud "You look so beautifuuuuuul!" (trying desperately not to laugh) He looked at me with a "This is so humiliating, I know you're lying" look and that was that. Twice a year this happens and it happens the same way every time.

Some people do not like these things but I think they're fun! Google your name with the word 'needs' - as in "Joy needs"... list the first ten things that come up.

This is what came up for me:

1) Joy needs prayer (amen to that!)
2) Joy needs to take a lesson and step to the back of the line.
3) Joy needs tragedy
4) Joy needs to spend some serious time in Baghdad
(hey, I thought this was going to be fun?)
5) Joy needs to leave her office!!!!!!!!!!!!
(this is how many exclamation points were used - not my doing)
6) Joy needs a restraining order lifted to improve her image
(again, this is getting a little heavy for the name Joy, no?)
7) Joy needs her family
(o.k., that's better)
8) Joy needs time to incubate and rest
9) Joy needs to realise her mistake
and finally:
10) Joy needs to make bail and get out of jail

Hmm, pretty heavy stuff for Joy! See how it works for you...


Sandy said...

Oh my, I promise not to laugh at Wilbur. I do not want to hurt his feelings!
Thanks for visiting me today!
Your box should be arriving soon!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Looks like Wilbur and Rudy are both headed for some grooming time. Today the nephews will be helping me give Rudy a backyard bath (now that the sun has returned), then I'll attack some "overgrowth" of his with the scissors. I love him scruffy, so it'll mostly just be around his eyes and his muzzle. I tell ya, when the boy drinks some water, his chinny-chin-chin is like a dripping towel all around the place! lol Ahhh, he looks all peaceful, snoozing away on the sofa right now...little does he know what he's in store for! ;)

Oh, and yes, yes, YES, poochies can sooooo get their feelings hurt after a new " drastic do". By the same token, they can strut like nobody's business if they know they look good. lol I swear you could hear Saturday Night Fever's "Staying Alive" playing when our family dog growing up, Puffy (yes, that was his name...lol), would do his best John Travolta "strutting his stuff walk" imitation when leaving the groomer's!

Now repeat to yourself, Joy, "You look SOOOO beautiful, Wilbur! You are SUCH a handsome poochie! You look sooooo beautiful, Wilbur....."

one`blue egg said...

Aww that wilber I love him and mom does too:) she is sitting here looking at his pictures, he reminds her of her old sheep dog Tess:( sadly run over by a car...and I'm off to try that google thing...spect I should post something on my place besides that rant this morning...I really am sick and tired of all of that! xoxoxxo

SoCalMuchacha said...

Oh boy, just saw the bird pic on the site...hope it makes it in the Top Ten so I can vote for it! :)

cityfarmer said...

Joy....does not need snow...which is what it's doing in the Midwest...

No seriousy...You are admired.


claudia said...

WILBUR!!! that face! quel angel....
btw, i tried your name/needs on google and got: Claudia needs to come shopping with me so she can try to get down the aisles and she can get her heels run over with carts a few times...great idea! you're too much!!