Apr 19, 2007

Enjoy the Moments

This shot shows that sometimes life can pass you by pretty quickly if you're not paying attention!

Today I will bask in the sunshine. I will take Wilbur for a well-deserved walk. I will enjoy the little moments the day presents me. I will give my kids undivided attention. I will not curse out the driver that cuts me off. I will count my blessings.

It is a gorgeous day here today - the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I feel rejuvenated...


Chunks said...

I think it's the body butter.


SoCalMuchacha said...

Did you contact your local media about the "half human-half dog" running around your neighborhood? ;)

one blue egg said...

hahahahhaha socalmuchacha!
So did Wilbs get his shave yet?

Cute post btw!