Apr 16, 2007

I Didn't Sign Up For 6 Months of Winter!

Woke up this morning to ice rain and lots of snow on the ground. Oh yeah, and an absolute wicked wind. All school buses were cancelled so the kids were thrilled. Me, notsomuch.

If I can't have nice weather I guess I'll have to dream about it. I really can't wait to get out and tend to the gardens! We have an old milk house in our backyard where I had planted close to 75 various tulip bulbs two years ago. For all of my hard work, only one sole tulip comes up every year. I guess the squirrels had quite the feast...buggers!

Wilbur is beyond bored because of the wet conditions. Here he is on the couch with his paws tucked under his head. He hates this weather as much as I do! Do you think positive thinking will bring me the sun???


oneblueegg said...

That milkhouse is the cats a**! and pooor wilber:( sorry bout that screwy weather up there...it's pretty lovely here today...soon very soon you will have it too!

Chunks said...

Oooh I wish I had a milkhouse!

I am nervous for spring. There are flowerbeds all around this house. What will grow in them? Who knows! I'm not a flower person. At all. Sigh. Winter. Yuck.

quiltdoggie said...

Sorry about the snow Joy, but I must say, Wilbur still is lookin' handsome with his hairy self. No haircut yet???