Apr 18, 2007

I Got My "Happy Coughlin Box"!

Today is not even my birthday but I received a wonderful surprise in the mail! A "Happy Coughlin Box" from Sandy, blog author of The Reluctant Entertainer. (I was lucky enough to be the winner from a draw she was having) And can I just add that 4 days ago Sandy warned me that she was going to post pictures of what she had sent me on her blog...and I never peeked. It was sooooo hard!

The care package displayed beautifully *here* brought such a smile to my face and truly I was overwhelmed at Sandy's generosity.

Although the pear bread look absolutely delish, sadly it had remained in the postal system too long. But man, I was tempted to bite into it! The homemade freezer pear butter (YUMM-O!) was thoughtfully sealed in a plastic bag but took an awful tumble - cracking the container a bit. (those postal workers can be rough!) Thankfully it didn't do any damage to the rest of the goods. She even sent me an adorable pear dish to serve it in! The personalized hankie embroidered with my name on it brought tears to my eyes - how sweet and thoughtful! The "Cary’s of Oregon" Milk Chocolate Almond English Toffee has turned me into a crazed woman - I must have more! And the Moose Munch? To die for!!! Sandy must know I love chocolate. :) The biggest surprise was the Coconut Body Butter from "The Body Shop." This is my all-time favorite cream. How did she know? Well, she didn't really. I told her right now my fav colour is white so that's what she came up with. Little did she know that I am obsessed with coconut smelling lotions. Unreal! She also included a copy of Married But Not Engaged a book she co-wrote with her husband. I am going to start reading that tonight!

I don't even remember how Sandy and I met through cyber-space, it was through someone else's blog, but I feel I've met a kindred spirit. :) I wish she lived closer so I could thank her in person for her wonderful care package!

THANK-YOU Sandy!!! I absolutely loved it!


Sandy said...

You are welcome, dear Joy!
And the bread and jam ... oops! Better planning next time.
I'm currently enjoying the best hospitality in Ireland ... amazing city. More on that later.

one blue egg said...

WOW! that looks like quite a BOX!! WHat a treat!

Mornin morning JOY JOY!!