Apr 20, 2007

I'm Gettin' a Dishcloth!!!!!!!!!

Keeping a secret was never really Elle's strong point. And she can't keep a straight face either.

Case in point, as we were driving home today from school she informed me her class is learning how to crochet. Her and Jack then discussed Mother's Day briefly. A few moments later she then asked me whether or not I needed a new dish cloth. I smiled and politely answered "Why yes, I do!" "Good!" she answered back, happy with my reply. "And do you especially like homemade ones?..."
Guess I know what I'm gettin' for Mother's Day! :)

Seeing it is going to be an absolute GORGEOUS weekend weather-wise we have decided to tackle the invisible fence thing. I think I'd rather give birth to a rabid porcupine. If you've got a spare minute, please say a prayer for us. (!)


SoCalMuchacha said...

Oh my gosh, how much do I love, love, LOVE the Elle story?!?! That is too precious! That's why I love working with kids...they are so excited about things...the little things...love it! And they CANNOT keep a secret to save their soul! lol

And it goes without saying that ANY post with Wilbur is an awesome post. I see he didn't get his "new do" yet?? The nephews and I gave Rudy a bath last weekend, and amazingly we all survived! Good luck with the fence, babe! :)

Chunks said...

Let me know how that fence works. I am wondering if it will work on little dogs, because I've been having to tie Taz up to go do his business. He just chases too much and I am scared he will get eaten by coyotes! Of course, if coyotes eat lard-y little black dogs!

I love the stage before kids learn how to keep a secret! I am still in that stage myself! hahah!

one blue egg said...

DArn cute that girl elle! she reminds me of my own..she too can NOT keep a secret! For Christmas I got a less then pretty smelling lotion (in fact it plain reeked:)some kind of cinnamon vanilla scent, it makes me sneeeze, but of course I told her ooooh smells so pretty! for about a month before Christmas, it sat in it's bag under her bed...(yes you could smell it even through the bag) well I suspect she kept dabbing a little on herself as well...but I didn't let on...I would say oooh what is that smell? she would get all excited..do you like it? maybe it's your present! hahahahahaha! I have that bottle hidden away..good gosh it reeks, but I can't throw it out! Good luck with that fence!

mom of 2 said...

That is too cute about the dishcloth! I'm no good at keeping secrets either!

Good luck with the fence!