Apr 24, 2007

Just Say No!

First I will give you a minute to look at this photo and laugh. Are you done? O.K., good. Now let's begin.

I think I had a pair of these pants when I was 12. I don't care WHO wears these high waisted pants, and yes, that includes you Mischa Barton, they will never again be stylish. Sure, they worked for us back in the late 1970's/early 80's but that's because we didn't know any better. We were young and foolish. Heck, we thought it was stylin' to wear neon colors in public. The problem is that young people who weren't even born before 1990 feel they have to bring back these vintage styles to be seen as cool and hip. To me, they look like Pee Wee Herman pants. Plain and simple. So future fashionistas, please do not try and bring every fashion trend back from the dead. There are some things I would like to leave in the past - and my brown checkered high-waisted pants are one of them....


quiltdoggie said...

Well. . . . they sure do go nicely with her FLEETWOOD MAC retro T . . . . Yeppers, them there are PeeWee Herman pants for sure. . . . eeeeeewwwww!

one blue egg said...

ewwwwwwww member those? good gowd please don't let that be IN:( remember leggins? oh that strap under the foot that pulled the darn things down below the waist? oh member GARANIMALS? hahahahahahaha! don't get me started!
I wanna see wilba and his haircut!