Apr 4, 2007

Yard Sale and Thrift Store Finds

Well, Wilbur hijacking this blog has come to an end - for today anyway!

Inspired by savvycityfarmer and as always by the paris apartment, I have decided to showcase some of my yard sale/thrift store finds. It's that time of year again! And while my husband rolls his eyes into the back of his head, I am scouring the newspapers for great sales.

A few years back I walked into Sally Ann and saw this chair:

Well, a pair actually. (see the other one in the background?) Except they did not look like this. They were covered in a horrible pukey-pea green (not the fresh pea green we know and love today) nasty, nasty fabric from the drug-induced 60's. They didn't have a skirt on them at that point so their wooden legs were showing - and not very nicely. But, I could still see the beauty within and paid a whole $15 each for them. Knowing full well hubby would have a FIT if he saw them come through our front door looking the way they did, I brought them straight to the upholsters. But first I stopped at a local hardware store to buy painter's canvas - you know the cloth they down on the floor while they paint? It's durable and I love the look of it. The upholster was a bit confused when I handed him the bag, and then he thought I was nuts when I told him I wanted him to cover the chairs in it. You know, one of those chain-smoking "Lady - you're crazy!" guys. But in the end he did a great job and even had enough left over to make skirts for each chair which I think give them a real crisp "dressed up" look.

Last year I was out yard saling and while I sped by a not very promising-looking sale, this caught my eye:

Actually, another pair! Original and retro - and $3 for the set! What a steal! My original plan was to sell them on ebay but alas, they would not part with me. They are happy right here in their new home.

I like to mix the new with the old in decorating. If you don't have anything old in your home how can people tell what you're like? I need a sense of history around me otherwise I feel like a decorator or a magazine has done all of the thinking for me. Does that make sense?


claudia said...

Hi joy!
Great stuff, i love the idea of the canvas on those. easy to clean too? i agree about the old stuff now that you mention it...it's that stuff that sets the tone of a room. Even one tiny object!

one`blue egg said...

Agree wit you 100%! like the way YOU chose to re-do those chairs! awesome schtuff! xo

SoCalMuchacha said...

Hmmmm, am I sensing a peek into our future Fortune 500 gal's plans for the future?? ;) Girl, I SOOOO could have used you a few years ago when a friend and I went to Julian (in California) for their "Apple Days"...they have the BEST apple pies, cider, etc...okay, started to drool...must stop.

Anyway, it's an adorable, quaint historic town with many small shops and yard sales always in progress. I ran across a couple of really beat up old chairs, with destroyed wicker mesh seats that I just KNEW would be a blast to fix...made my friend clear out the back seat of her fancy car (THAT was a big deal! lol)...we hauled them all the way back to my place...and there they sat in the garage until I moved out and tossed them. She still loves teasing me about those chairs.

After seeing the magic you came up with I have no doubt those chairs I tossed would be in some decorating magazine layout...sigh. And sigh for no shots of my boy, Wilbur. ;)

cityfarmer said...

Well, now I'm inspired and always honored to be included on another girlfriends blog...the summer lies ahead and hopefullly we can keep up with all of the wonderful junk!
You done good!

We are truly kindred spirits...

FarmgirlCyn said...

Perfect sense! I love mixing old with new! Nowadays, who can affort new of everything? Love a bargain, and for the most part, the old stuff has far better workmanship.

Chunks said...

You have awesome taste!

I like that new/old thing too. I also like homemade things. I look at my stuff and think I have no style, but no style is a style, right? heehee!

Awesome finds!

one`blue egg said...

Just dreemin joy Just dreemin:) getting out of this cabin into something old will be great! and I'll keep ya updated on that process:) Happy Easter!

quiltdoggie said...

qOH Joy! Love yer thrifty finds, especially those chairs, but frankly, I'm in love with Wilbur and wish he could come for a playdate with my hounds . . . . .

Sandy said...

Hi Joy!
Happy Easter to you and your family!
Your package is on its way!