May 4, 2007

Black & White Friday

I'm loving the silver look right now - it may be a bit out of step for Spring but it still makes me happy. The more, the better. I like to cluster everything in groupings or else they seem to get 'lost' on their own, y'know? Last year I bought an old typewriter at a yard sale and promptly pried off the keys when I got home. What a job that was - next time I will remember to wear safety goggles! Like always, my intention was to sell them but somehow they've managed to stick around.

Wilbur totally cracks us up. Every evening after hubby and I put the kids to bed, we watch t.v. in our bedroom and hubby brings up a big bowl of fruit including Wilbur's favorite - apples. At this point Wilbur is usually laying on the couch in the loft which is about 20 feet from our bedroom. For the last 3 nights in a row we have been astounded at this dog's hearing. As soon as hubby starts to slice an apple with his knife, Wilbur jumps off the couch and comes running. We thought it might just be luck the first couple of times but last night, right before he began to slice, he turned to me and said "Watch this..." Ever so quietly he pushed the knife in and as soon as he did we heard Wilbur JUMP off the couch and come running to take his place beside the bed. Apple peelings are his fav snack!

So, last night I watched the 2 hour episode of Grey's Anatomy. When I first heard that they were going to do a spin-off show I thought they were getting greedy - why mess with a good thing? Well, I have to say I was totally hooked! It was brilliant! The writing was fresh and I loved that the set-up of their medical practice was not inside a sterile hospital. California, gotta love it! I actually found it a bit boring (*gasp* did I just say that out loud?) when they would they would go back to Seattle Grace. Still love Meredith and McDreamy, but man, who let the air out of their tires? You know they are setting up to break them apart. And then what happens? I don't know ... but I do know I'll be watching to find out!

I am hoping to get a call from the printer today! Fingers crossed they won't keep me waiting through the weekend...

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Chunks said...

Taz does the same thing when you peel a banana! Comes running from where ever he is. No one can enjoy a banana alone anymore in our house.

I love the B&W photos. You have such an amazing eye! The photo of the keys would look aweome framed on a wall! You could arrange the letters differently and make different messages. LOVE. LIFE. LAUGH. or something.