May 11, 2007

Happy Friday

I am working at the computer this morning and Elle sneaks up behind me dressed like this. She's such a spazz! The kids are off from school today for a P.A. day or whatever they call it now. We all slept in which was absolutely fabulous.

My flower bed will soon look like this again. Spring has officially sprung here and the trees are all past the budding stage and now starting to show their leaves. My hostas are sprouting up nicely, I swear they grow an inch per day. The process of perennials never ceases to amaze me, these same plants that looked horrible a few weeks ago are now starting to come alive. All on their own! I really love this time of year.


Jenny said...

Your outside of your house is as gorgeous as your inside!!!

Chunks said...

Elle is so cute! It was "Fashion Disaster" day at school today, Kirah was dressed similar!

I have been watching my perenials come up too, I've never been a flower person so it is all very fascinating to me!

Anonymous said...

Your house should be in a magazine!!! Jackie