May 22, 2007

Let's Get It Started!

It was time to plant our window boxes so off we went to a local nursery here in town. Ahhh, a feast for the eyes! Man, can you ever spend a lot of money in a very short time there. What we loaded in the back of our truck was not a lot, but the price tag made it feel like it should have been full!

I tackled the big job of weeding the milkhouse yesterday. THAT is a chore. Crab grass always seems to work it's way in there. I weeded, added more ground, planted a couple of shrubs and then MULCHED it 'til I could mulch no more. Keeping the weeds to a minimum is top priority! I transplanted some of my MIL's lily of the valley two years ago and that stuff re-seeds like crazy - it takes over!

Every year I think these little trees in my urns will die - they look so burnt and dry but every year they come back to life, hearty little guys! In a few weeks the potato vine and nasturtiums will drape around it.

Hubby and I are excited because it finally feels like our backyard is beginning to take shape - it has been a work in progress for 9 years now. Nine long years. The retaining wall is almost complete - the pillars just need to be capped and the wrought iron fence needs to go in between. I say 'fake' wrought iron as it's cheaper and no-one will be able to tell the difference - hubby's not completely sure. That's our on-going battle right now. UGH.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here and the rest of the week looks promising too. Tomorrow is my birthday and it is going to be sunny with a high of 28! Woo-hoo!

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Chunks said...

Happy Birthday Joy!!

Your yard is so beautiful...I wish I had half your talent with the flowers, mine might stand a chance then!

It is supposed to frost over here tonight. FROST. It is currently only +3C. That is so sad to me, you have no idea!