May 2, 2007

This Post Shall Remain Nameless

In reference to my new baby, The Hope Jar:
I shall quote Mr. Tom Petty again - "The waiting is the hardest part"...I am at the mercy of my printer right now and I am DYIN' to get this show on the road. My life seems in limbo and I can't wait to tell you all what I have been up to.

Hubby and I picked up this great planter a couple of weekends ago at Home Sense. We were lucky to find a mate for it last weekend at another store so they will find their new home flanking our front door. They will replace the cast iron urns that were originally there as they were rusting a bit at the bottom. Love them 'cuz they're fibreglass and so lightweight!

I also picked up some dinnerware for the patio. Gotta say I'm lovin' the resin plates! And good for the environment too - no throwing away plastic or paper plates for those sunny day barbecues. The leopard print plates are actually chargers and for me take the place of a placemat as they are so huge! Now all we need is a new patio set, the wind took our last one for a good tumble and we are now shopping around, doing the comparison dance. I find they are either ridiculously expensive or very much on the cheap side. There seems to be no happy medium around here.

May is a very busy month around here - hubby's birthday is next week, then Mother's Day, then comes my birthday, followed by our 14th wedding anniversary! Could I squeeze anything more into this merry month?

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oneblueegg said...

YOU aint kidding The damn waiting! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! still looking forward to reading about this venture of yours! patience is NOT one of my virtues as of late! xo