May 17, 2007

Why I Hate Reality T.V.

Permission to bitch?

Melinda Doolittle was robbed! This girl had more talent in her left hand pinky finger than the other two had in their entire bodies! If American Idol is based on talent than this show has lost it's credibility with me. After she performed her last song on Tuesday evening I turned to hubby and said "She could sing the phone book..." Low and behold in Simon's critique two minutes later, he said the exact same thing! She had grace, she had poise, she would have represented Idol well. And she's old enough to handle the pressure. At 17, Jordin should be enjoying highschool with her friends, I feel she's too young for all the pressures this industry will inevitably throw at her. Now, having said all of that, I know Melinda will do well and that she doesn't need American Idol. She will be a huge success. I just soooo wanted her to win.

O.K., listen to this! (have I mentioned that my mother LOVES it when I say that with baited breath?) I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not but hubby and I are looking for an outdoor patio/dining set. In this town they are either really cheap or really high-end in price with nothing in between. There is a lady in town who let's just say is a bit shady in her dealings and she carries outdoor furniture. We have dealt with her in the past and she is a bit of a schister. However, we wanted to see what she carried so we walked in her store a few weeks ago. She had a set that we really loved - a nice, large table with really comfy chairs, but the price was staggering - $3499 for the set. Nuts! (just like her ;) So we have been continuing our search for the perfect outdoor set. Yesterday we went to Ottawa and figured we'd check out some stores up there. I mentioned to hubby that I wanted to go to Costco first (Chunks, you with me on this?) because, hey, you never know. After getting lost in the fever that is Costco we headed towards the outdoor section where they carry barbeque's etc. We turn the corner and guess what? THERE'S THE EXACT SAME SET! And guess what else? IT WAS MORE THAN HALF THE CRAZY LADY'S PRICE! Yes, the exact same set for 1500.00. We stood there stunned. No too much mark up, huh? We ended up looking at a different set and it is even cheaper so I think we may pick that up on Saturday morning. It pays to shop around people!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Mindy was voted off!!!!!! I simply dove into complete and utter shock. Then, after I picked myself up off the floor I remembered how this silly show works. KIDS vote...10 and 11 year olds, and of course, they would choose by popularity, not talent. I know Melinda will do well, just like all the other idols who were voted off have done..maybe this is the best thing that happened to her. I hope so:) the way, I will not watch the remaining shows. Now, FORD CORP..... HEAR me on this one!! How many 10 and 11 year olds can afford to buy a car?? The advertisers should correct the voting system..1 phone, 1 vote:) Thanks for letting me vent Joy.

Carol said...

I didn't see it last night - but was so disappointed to hear that she was gone! I'm with Marylou - I never vote - but my 13 year old daughter does alot! And let's face it - everything is a popularity vote in Junior High!
She'll make great albums - and then people our age will be spending money and then we'll see who the real idol is!

Love it when we get a good deal on stuff too! Great blog! I'm still going to send you money for the hope jar - life is just insane at the moment. Hope all is well!

oneblueegg said...

urmpf me too stumped...about as stumped as I was last year at this time when elliott got the boot...aside from chris he was the only other 'real' talent that's very strange. I do however really like Jordan and hope she beats Blake.