Jun 29, 2007

Gab's House

My sister-in-law Gaby has a knack for decorating, it's in her blood. I'm always inspired when I visit and full of ideas when I leave. Today I snapped some pics of her yard and just had to share. It's as beautifully decorated as the inside!

Jun 27, 2007

My Life in an Update

- The pool is now crystal clear - but way to cold for me to enjoy yet, thankyouverymuch

- A new family of robins has occupied the nest and new life has begun again. I have a great view of it over top of our front room door so I am blessed to be able to see daily progress. Amazing.

- Wilbur continues to be a going concern. (that's not really news, is it?) His latest shenanigan... this time when I left him in the bathroom he opened the drawer, got the toothpaste out and proceeded to destroy the tube. (I hope he brushed properly first)

- Today marks the first day of summer vacation for the kids. Jack's didn't start off so good - he got a wicked case of poison ivy at school (as did 10 others) and I actually had to take him the the clinic for medication. Very braid strain that quickly spread to his face and then caused swelling/fever. Four other kids had to be taken to the hospital as well. Let's just say that there are a few Moms that aren't very impressed with the school. They sent the grade 6 class out to the fence with scissors to cut "weeds" before they planted flowers. The weeds turned out to be poison ivy. Ugh.

Jun 23, 2007

This Dog Needs His Own Reality Show

This dog is gettin' on my nerves! Wilbur is now over 1 year old and we STILL can't let him have the run of the house when we leave. I mean, he'd have a party for sure. He's just that type of dog. We still haven't finished the invisible fence so we can't leave him outside. I can't even leave him by the pool because he just found out that he can't jump the retaining wall that still awaits it's cast iron fencing on top. The other night I left him in the sunroom while I went to play volleyball and the neighbours called to tell me he barked for one hour solid. There go all of my outside options. So, this leaves the downstairs bathroom as a last resort. It's a large bathroom so it's not really that bad for him. However, I have to remove everything from the vanity counter as he gets bored and inevitably decides that playing with the soap is better than just sitting there. When I left for volleyball this week I decided to leave the light off, hoping he would sleep. When hubby came home 2 hours later he walked into the bathroom to find that somehow in the PITCH BLACK, Wilbur managed to turn on the sink faucet. I mean, c'mon! Who knows how long it had been running?

And that's not all! He also managed to jump up and get the bag of niger seed I had outside. And he ate it. All of it. You DON'T want to know how I know that. Trust me.

Jun 21, 2007

Summer Fun

*Luckily, they survived!

Jun 15, 2007

The Tale of the Flattened Hosta

I couldn't figure this one out. One of my hostas was visibly disturbed, almost crushed. There are about 10 in a row so I was a little confused as to why this one was the only damaged one.

And then it dawned on me. Right above said hosta is the new bird feeder we put there.

Hmmm, I smell a rat...

...a bird loving (chasing) rat named Wilbur.

Yes, you know who you are.

Case solved!

The little bugger goes there every morning and tries to catch the birds as they are feeding. He loves to chase them. Poor thing really needs a brother or somethin'...

Jun 13, 2007

Two of My Favorite Things

My peonies have bloomed and were crying out for a new vase. So naturally I obliged. We have a new Value Village here in town but I just haven't been going in much. Well today I stopped in only to find this beautiful old trophy vase that weighs a ton. Too bad it wasn't solid sterling silver. (I discovered the bottom has concrete inside!) To me it's still a beauty and it polished up really well. The peonies were thrilled with their new home!

Jun 12, 2007

Big Mistake, BIG!

Who knew? Apparently you are NEVER supposed to drain a pool completely as it could ruin the liner. And new liners cost big bucks. When I called the pool store today and told them what we had done they were aghast and figured our liner was kaput. Dunzo. The owner even drove over here to check it out himself. After having no water in it since Sunday our pool miraculously maintained its liner and did not shrink - even in this heat. Go figure! Just lucky I guess as a new liner would cost us $5,000.00 and the wait to have one installed is a very long one.

Lesson learned!

Jun 11, 2007

Swimming Hole

Desperate times call for desperate measures...
After spending a great deal of money on chemicals which seemed to do no good in our swamp, I mean pool, hubby and I made a decision to JUST DRAIN THE DAMN THING! We're glad we did as no amount of shock and chlorine could have fixed what was in there. We found a bicycle, lamp shade, family of muskrats and Shrek himself. Oh I'm kidding! Just nasty water, some leaves and algae is all. Although the last pic doesn't show it we drained every last drop of water and scrubbed it 'til it gleamed. Now today I must call for water prices. I think hubby is naive in how much it will cost. We'll soon see.

I'm a sucker for advertising. This candle boasted that when burning it would sound like a crackling fire. Hah! It sounds more like a cheap candle with a cheap wick. I'm so glad I paid a lot of money to hear a candle that sounds like it's on it's last leg.

Jun 7, 2007

I can remain silent no longer Victoria!

Trying too hard in an understatement with these fashion choices. Oh, Victoria Beckam! I know you are a former Spice girl who is desperately trying to make her mark in the fashion world, trying to be avant garde by wearing haute couture to the supermarket. Victoria, listen to me now and hear me later. Haute couture is for models. Who are in fashions shows. It's not really made for picking up a bottle of Yoo-Hoo! and a bag of chips.
I like fashion as much as the next girl but this is just ridiculous! This woman has a lot of money and had access to the world's top designers, and THIS is what she comes up with? As for the black get-up with the white didn't-think-they-could-make-them-this-small bolero jacket - could your skirt BE any shorter in this photo?

And now it seems her madnees has rubbed off on her hubby David who actually wore that too-big knitted HORSE sweater out in public. David, my Dad wore one of those back in 1973 and it wasn't even in style then! Don't you know, horses are for riding, not for wearing.

And so concludes my rant for today. Be sure and tune in next week when I set my sights on none other than the Olsen twins...

Jun 6, 2007

Can I Just Make One Thing Clear Here?

The only one who enjoys whistling -


Jun 5, 2007

Sea Shells, She Sells...

I was inspired today surfing (no pun intended) through the internet about sea shells, etc. and therefore this post! I bought this huge shell planter last year at a house sale thinking I would sell it on ebay under "beach chic" as my home decor is not really suitable. For some reason, it didn't sell, another item that just didn't want to part with me! lol It's now found it's new home in our sunroom and is quite happy there. :) It's funny how a gathering of sea shells can instantly make you feel more calm. Now only if I had an ocean view to go with them!

Do you ever get lost on the internet? What fun browsing through favourite sites and then finding new ones that inspire. Oh the places you can go! My "Favorites" list is a mile long! What exactly did I do with all of my time before the internet existed? Well, I guess I spent it with the kiddies which is a good thing.

Speaking of, Jack wrote this poem for me yesterday on a cut-out heart:


They are always there for you
for everything you do

For when you get dumped
they always get pumped

You're my stay at home maid
but you wish you would get paid
(his fav line)

This is for you Joy
just don't have another boy!


Yes, I think one boy is enough for me!... ;)

Jun 4, 2007

It's the Little Things...

...that make me happy.

Today I am singing the praises of L'il Critters® Gummy Vites. (and I'm not gettin' paid for doing so!) I HATE taking vitamins because of their size. Hubby gets so mad at me but I just can't. As I have ranted before on this blog, can we not get someone on this planet to make a daily vitamin that is smaller than my fist? We can send a man to the moon but we can't do that. Go figure. And I bet the Viagra pill is small too. Anyway, on our latest jaunt to Costco I asked the pharmacist with-no-personality if a small vitamin existed. She looked at me as though I had three heads and couldn't understand the problem of taking a horse pill very day. As she shook the vitamin jars to determine their size, my eyes caught sight of GUMMI BEAR VITAMINS. A huge jar of 'em. I love Gummi Bears. And these had vitamins IN THEM. As I grabbed it I asked her, though really not caring what she thought at this point, if they would be suitable for me. Again with the look, she grumpily said yes, but that I would probably need to take more. Ummm, duh. As she walked away I looked at the directions and it actually said "Children over 6 and adults (THAT'S ME!!) take 4 a day. Oh man, not only do I love these vitamins but I get to eat 4 a day! I hit the vitamin jackpot!

I had a dream on Saturday night that Brad Pitt was hitting on me. He was still with Angelina Jolie so really it was more of a flirty thing. He placed his hand on my back. I have to say I was never really attracted to Brad Pitt before that dream! lol. Which brings me to my next subject, Ocean's Thirteen. Honey, I would pay to see Ocean's 143. Give me Clooney in a suit any day. And now that Brad Pitt has flirted with me, perhaps I'll look at him in a different light! ;)

Jun 2, 2007

A Few of My Favourite Things

I haven't been yard saling or antiquing much lately. Too busy I guess. The thrill of the hunt will always be with me though as you just never know what you'll find. Like this old tin sign framed in wood. It has so much character and it's one of the things I will never part with.

I found this gorgeous mirror at a tag sale in a rather dilapitated house. I actually wondered whether or not it was worth my while to go in, but I'm sure glad I did! It's huge and weighs at least 40 pounds. The backside is covered in hardwood which I think means it was probably part of a dresser set at one time.

Another one of my 'favourite things' - seeing life through the eyes of a child. Jack ran into the house last night yelling "Where's the camera? Where's the camera? !" He wanted to take a picture of the beautiful clouds overhead. After he was finished he asked me to out it on my blog and refer to him as the "photographer". Quite the kid I tell ya!