Jun 12, 2007

Big Mistake, BIG!

Who knew? Apparently you are NEVER supposed to drain a pool completely as it could ruin the liner. And new liners cost big bucks. When I called the pool store today and told them what we had done they were aghast and figured our liner was kaput. Dunzo. The owner even drove over here to check it out himself. After having no water in it since Sunday our pool miraculously maintained its liner and did not shrink - even in this heat. Go figure! Just lucky I guess as a new liner would cost us $5,000.00 and the wait to have one installed is a very long one.

Lesson learned!


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord up above!!! Ouch! $5000 !!!! I lost my pool over the last 24 hours. I treated the pH completely wrong. Went up with the chlorine when I should've attacked the pH-base! Results....green pool! Yikes, hope it clears soon...Oh the joy's of having a pool! Jack

Farmgirl Cyn said...

"Who knew"? is right! Why don't they tell us these things??? Glad to hear all is well. It is hot as h-e-double hockey stix here in Michigan this week. Sure wish our pool was in!!!

Chunks said...

Yowza! You should have called the pool store first, maybe they could have solved your first problem! Oh well, hindsight is always 20-20!