Jun 6, 2007

Can I Just Make One Thing Clear Here?

The only one who enjoys whistling -



Chunks said...


I have a whistler in my house too. She never knows she is doing it until I scream "STOP THE DAMN WHISTLING!" then two days later I catch myself whistling.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joy,
Does Humming count?? Drives me NUTS...hmmmmmm, it that a oxymoron, me equated to nuts??? Nah, maybe it is a paradox...I don't know anymore:) Egad, I gotta get off this computer and find reality...where ever it may be...how about, somewhere over the rainbow. Okay, I shall stop! Just a fun day for me:) Love and Peace to all, Marylou

Joy said...

Yes, humming counts!! lol

Jenny said...

Scott's a whistler and a hummer!!
But...he'd tell you that I'm a singer...a BAD singer who belts out the tunes!!!
Hope you're having a great day!