Jun 23, 2007

This Dog Needs His Own Reality Show

This dog is gettin' on my nerves! Wilbur is now over 1 year old and we STILL can't let him have the run of the house when we leave. I mean, he'd have a party for sure. He's just that type of dog. We still haven't finished the invisible fence so we can't leave him outside. I can't even leave him by the pool because he just found out that he can't jump the retaining wall that still awaits it's cast iron fencing on top. The other night I left him in the sunroom while I went to play volleyball and the neighbours called to tell me he barked for one hour solid. There go all of my outside options. So, this leaves the downstairs bathroom as a last resort. It's a large bathroom so it's not really that bad for him. However, I have to remove everything from the vanity counter as he gets bored and inevitably decides that playing with the soap is better than just sitting there. When I left for volleyball this week I decided to leave the light off, hoping he would sleep. When hubby came home 2 hours later he walked into the bathroom to find that somehow in the PITCH BLACK, Wilbur managed to turn on the sink faucet. I mean, c'mon! Who knows how long it had been running?

And that's not all! He also managed to jump up and get the bag of niger seed I had outside. And he ate it. All of it. You DON'T want to know how I know that. Trust me.


Chunks said...

You should set up a webcam and leave him alone in a safe room just to see what he would do. I mean, you know what he does, but wouldn't it be fun to watch him?

I've kenneled both my dogs for the first year every time I left them and gradually worked them up from a small space to a room to a floor to the entire house. Of course, I have had small dogs that were not criminal masterminds as your dear Wilbur! heehee! I love that dog!

mom of 2 said...

I agree with Chunks...a web cam would be great! I'd love to see Wilbur in action! lol

Our dog is crate trained and she stays in her crate when we leave. She enjoys being in her crate and will sometimes go and sleep in there even when we're home. She does hate the dark though and has freaked out in her crate when we were gone past dark. (She left some nice gouges in the wall.) Now we just make sure to leave a light on for her.

Hope you find a solution soon. He's so freakin cute though...I don't think I could stay mad at him for long!

one blue egg said...

I would love to see a webcam of him all alone! hahahaahaha! what a dowg! have you tried a kennel?...when lucy was just a pup she actually liked hers. xo