Jun 7, 2007

I can remain silent no longer Victoria!

Trying too hard in an understatement with these fashion choices. Oh, Victoria Beckam! I know you are a former Spice girl who is desperately trying to make her mark in the fashion world, trying to be avant garde by wearing haute couture to the supermarket. Victoria, listen to me now and hear me later. Haute couture is for models. Who are in fashions shows. It's not really made for picking up a bottle of Yoo-Hoo! and a bag of chips.
I like fashion as much as the next girl but this is just ridiculous! This woman has a lot of money and had access to the world's top designers, and THIS is what she comes up with? As for the black get-up with the white didn't-think-they-could-make-them-this-small bolero jacket - could your skirt BE any shorter in this photo?

And now it seems her madnees has rubbed off on her hubby David who actually wore that too-big knitted HORSE sweater out in public. David, my Dad wore one of those back in 1973 and it wasn't even in style then! Don't you know, horses are for riding, not for wearing.

And so concludes my rant for today. Be sure and tune in next week when I set my sights on none other than the Olsen twins...


marylou said...

Oh Joy,
YIPPEE...can't wait for you to critique the Olsen twins...I have often wondered what is it they do? I know they have this huge empire and everytime I see them they look as if they just stepped off a "horror" movie set! And the ex SPICE girl simply proves money does not = good taste!:(
Hugs & Peace to ya all...Marylou

Chunks said...

I've been thinking about this too, and get a load of the grapefruit boobs. She's ridiculous!!

I eagerly await your Olsen twit post!

The Paris Apartment said...

You are too much! i love that you put into words what we've all been thinking :)
PS your son is TOO CUTE! thanks for the great idea you sent to me!

cityfarmer said...

Looks as if the twins have gained a little weight