Jun 4, 2007

It's the Little Things...

...that make me happy.

Today I am singing the praises of L'il Critters® Gummy Vites. (and I'm not gettin' paid for doing so!) I HATE taking vitamins because of their size. Hubby gets so mad at me but I just can't. As I have ranted before on this blog, can we not get someone on this planet to make a daily vitamin that is smaller than my fist? We can send a man to the moon but we can't do that. Go figure. And I bet the Viagra pill is small too. Anyway, on our latest jaunt to Costco I asked the pharmacist with-no-personality if a small vitamin existed. She looked at me as though I had three heads and couldn't understand the problem of taking a horse pill very day. As she shook the vitamin jars to determine their size, my eyes caught sight of GUMMI BEAR VITAMINS. A huge jar of 'em. I love Gummi Bears. And these had vitamins IN THEM. As I grabbed it I asked her, though really not caring what she thought at this point, if they would be suitable for me. Again with the look, she grumpily said yes, but that I would probably need to take more. Ummm, duh. As she walked away I looked at the directions and it actually said "Children over 6 and adults (THAT'S ME!!) take 4 a day. Oh man, not only do I love these vitamins but I get to eat 4 a day! I hit the vitamin jackpot!

I had a dream on Saturday night that Brad Pitt was hitting on me. He was still with Angelina Jolie so really it was more of a flirty thing. He placed his hand on my back. I have to say I was never really attracted to Brad Pitt before that dream! lol. Which brings me to my next subject, Ocean's Thirteen. Honey, I would pay to see Ocean's 143. Give me Clooney in a suit any day. And now that Brad Pitt has flirted with me, perhaps I'll look at him in a different light! ;)


oneblueegg said...

hahahahahahaha! a dream like that? ahhhhh let me sleep foreva! well...maybe not forever just yet..but I too have been flirted with by hunks on the screen..what gives? ahahhahaha actually your jack gave me the idea for taking pictures of clouds and on that day talk about clouds! the vitamin thing is hilarious!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have a drawer full of vitamins....do I take them??? NO!!! I take the three tiny pills I HAVE to take, and I stare guiltily at the others. I can hardly choke down the bitty low-strength adult aspirin and 2 blood pressure pills, let alone the horse pills that are contained in those bottles!