Jun 27, 2007

My Life in an Update

- The pool is now crystal clear - but way to cold for me to enjoy yet, thankyouverymuch

- A new family of robins has occupied the nest and new life has begun again. I have a great view of it over top of our front room door so I am blessed to be able to see daily progress. Amazing.

- Wilbur continues to be a going concern. (that's not really news, is it?) His latest shenanigan... this time when I left him in the bathroom he opened the drawer, got the toothpaste out and proceeded to destroy the tube. (I hope he brushed properly first)

- Today marks the first day of summer vacation for the kids. Jack's didn't start off so good - he got a wicked case of poison ivy at school (as did 10 others) and I actually had to take him the the clinic for medication. Very braid strain that quickly spread to his face and then caused swelling/fever. Four other kids had to be taken to the hospital as well. Let's just say that there are a few Moms that aren't very impressed with the school. They sent the grade 6 class out to the fence with scissors to cut "weeds" before they planted flowers. The weeds turned out to be poison ivy. Ugh.

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Chunks said...

Oh no! Poor Jack and company! That is brutal! I didn't know we had poison ivy in Canada. I have baby robins now too only I am not going to get close enough to take a picture!