Jun 5, 2007

Sea Shells, She Sells...

I was inspired today surfing (no pun intended) through the internet about sea shells, etc. and therefore this post! I bought this huge shell planter last year at a house sale thinking I would sell it on ebay under "beach chic" as my home decor is not really suitable. For some reason, it didn't sell, another item that just didn't want to part with me! lol It's now found it's new home in our sunroom and is quite happy there. :) It's funny how a gathering of sea shells can instantly make you feel more calm. Now only if I had an ocean view to go with them!

Do you ever get lost on the internet? What fun browsing through favourite sites and then finding new ones that inspire. Oh the places you can go! My "Favorites" list is a mile long! What exactly did I do with all of my time before the internet existed? Well, I guess I spent it with the kiddies which is a good thing.

Speaking of, Jack wrote this poem for me yesterday on a cut-out heart:


They are always there for you
for everything you do

For when you get dumped
they always get pumped

You're my stay at home maid
but you wish you would get paid
(his fav line)

This is for you Joy
just don't have another boy!


Yes, I think one boy is enough for me!... ;)


SoCalMuchacha said...

OMG, I soooo have that shell planter, chica! Then again, I think ANYONE who has EVER gone to Hawaii has one--since they're sold on practically every corner. lol Unfortunately the shells were too enticing for one of my nephews and many were broken, but it still holds memories (but no plant ;)) of fun times on the Islands.

As for Jack's poem, LOVE IT! One of my favorites from when I had students write a poem for their mom as part of a Mother's Day project was this:

"My mom is as sweet as a strawberry,
And looks like a blooming flower.
Sometimes she goes for a jog,
And needs to take a shower!"

Out of the mouths of babes! And let's just say there were some students we had to "convince" to somewhat "alter" their choice of words in the poem. All you moms out there can thank teachers for "editing" some stuff before it gets home. ;)

Chunks said...

Lost on the internet? Who me? Every single day! hahha! Before the internet, I had a clean house, a happy husband and a skinny dog. LOL!

Love the seashells!

Anonymous said...

Your Beppe is proud of you Jack. You are quite the poet!