Jun 13, 2007

Two of My Favorite Things

My peonies have bloomed and were crying out for a new vase. So naturally I obliged. We have a new Value Village here in town but I just haven't been going in much. Well today I stopped in only to find this beautiful old trophy vase that weighs a ton. Too bad it wasn't solid sterling silver. (I discovered the bottom has concrete inside!) To me it's still a beauty and it polished up really well. The peonies were thrilled with their new home!


Jenny said...

What a beautiful vase!!
My peonies haven't bloomed yet...still waiting!
Luckily your pool liner wasn't damaged!!

Anonymous said...

My house at this time is again peppered with ants! YUCK! I hope that your peony arrangement is out in the sunroom because aren't they also loaded with ants? Makes me feel like a messy housekeeper-upper...YUCKY ANTS! YHB

Jann said...

Your flowers are gorgeous~I remember when I was a little girl,a hundred years ago, my grandmother had several hedge rows of peonies~what a sight when they were in bloom~lucky you to have these!

Chunks said...

My peonies have yet to bloom. I have three of them. I severely injured one by accidentally spraying it with weed and feed. It looks like it has some weird affliction. Anyway! Yours are beautiful and the "ValooVihlage" find is awesome!

marylou said...

What a gorgeous vase!! AND...I received my Wedding Jar and it is fabulous. I am delighted:) Ladies, check out Joy's Jars, they are so KOOL!! Thanks for offering them! You are one clever gal and very sweet:)

The Paris Apartment said...

what a find! they look stunning...i think next year i'll try to grow them too...is there a secret?

Elizabeth said...

love this - beautiful!

xox - eb.