Jul 31, 2007

A 'Lil Eye Candy...

Found this adorable shabby store in downtown Toronto...when I walked inside I forgot I was on a busy, noisy street in the city.

I may not decorate this way in my entire home - but it always makes me smile and feel relaxed. (especially when hubby had us walking 10 blocks in the wrong direction)

Claudia, I thought of you when I saw this piece↓ (!)

Oh, be still my heart! What do I see across the street? Loius Vuitton, in the flesh. I dared not go in, so I just pressed my nose up against the glass and drooled for a bit. A girl can dream, can't she? :)

Jul 30, 2007

Our Time in T.O.

This past weekend we packed up the kiddies and went to visit my step-daughter Tarah in Toronto and also met up with our dear friends Al and Monika from California. The weather was beautiful and the city was busy!

We stayed at the Westin and had a nice view of both the CN Tower and Lake Ontario from our hotel room. Their patented "Heavenly Bed" provides a really good night's sleep. Well, sorta. The hotel is right on the harbour and the only problem with that was - there was a "Wake Boarding" convention in town so swarms of teenage/young adults were staying there. And loud! On our last night we were awoken at 4 a.m. to drunken laughing and carrying on. A quick complaint to guest services the next morning saved us $100 off of our bill - hey, thanks kids! ;)

Friday night we had dinner at a really neat place -
The Academy of Spherical Arts.

It was a huge warehouse where you could play pool, have dinner, wander around and look at the art. It was great for the kids because they didn't have to just sit there through a boring dinner. They loved it. More pics tomorrow!

Just had to share this picture of Wilbur. My parents looked after him for us and he somehow got into a bag of blueberries, hence the stained snout. He and their new sheepdog Winston got along really well so I'm happy about that - seeing as I have to return the favor for them this weekend!

Jul 26, 2007

Small World

Dinner out with the girls on a warm summer evening, what fun!

We ended up meeting a couple from Holland who are vactioning here. The lady has the same last name as my Mom, go figure. So, after talking with them for a good hour or so I did what any good Dutch girl would, invited them over for coffee today. Well, they just called and are coming over in an hour. Guess I gotta clean house! ;)

Jul 24, 2007

It Has Come to my Attention...

...that I have snakes around the house again.

Just writing the word sends chills down my spine. I think we all know how much I hate, now wait, DETEST snakes. (Remember this post last year?) Well, this was only one snake but it was BIG. And that is not a fish story Tim.

It was like this long↓ - x 5

See how big that is? And it wasn't a skinny little one. It was a chunker, like the size of a hose. When I was watering my boxwoods, (that in 20 years may finally join together and form a hedge. Honey, could you have planted then any further away from each other???) I saw it laying in front of the warm concrete wall behind. Like it was at Club Med or somethin'! My eyes detected the end of the snake first and then slowly, being in complete and utter shock, I followed this long line of black 'til I reached the head. It turned towards me with a rather annoyed "What are YOU lookin' at??" and then my fear finally caught up with my voice box and in turn finally made my feet move. Man, I can run and scream like no other. Our guests and my children, insane that they are, decided to run where I had been to see if they could find it. I, of course, knew better than to give the exact location of this horrible, horrible creation as I knew they would CATCH it and torment me with it. They never did find it. But that of course means it is still around here, just waiting to come and get me. I imagine it waiting for me .... and when it thinks I am unaware it will come slithering quickly towards me, slide up my leg into my pants and bite me. This may be an irrational thought but hey - it could happen!! So now every time I go to water the shrubs in that area I am on the alert. Will it be back? Is it mad at me? Does it have a Soprano's-type family to back it up? All I can do is pray for rain so I don't have to go near the damn things...

Jul 22, 2007

The Two W's Finally Meet

Wilbur was very excited to finally go meet Winston today...
Ugh, neither would stay still long enough for me to get a good shot... They got along great - neither has a dominant personality so they just sniffed each other's bums and had fun.

Winston's side profile sure looks alot like Wilbur's. He's a wonderful dog who has in just one day adjusted well to his new home with my parents. He's not a big barker with is a bonus and he's pretty easy going. A great match!

Jul 14, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Our Ellie just couldn't wait any longer and had to cut off her hair. Although it is not long enough to make a hair piece out of, we can still donate it to Locks of Love and it will be sold at fair market value to offset their "manufacturing costs".

Way to go Elle! :)

Jul 12, 2007

Jack's Lucky Year

Today my little guy turns 12. On the 12th! I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Well, maybe the day before yesterday. (it has been 12 years after all)

He was a week late and had no intention of making his debut until they hit me with the dreaded drip. Complications arose as the cord was around his neck so let's just suffice it to say that things got a little crazy near the end. But hey, he was my first baby so I was pleasantly unaware to some extent. Small mercies. After letting me see him for a few seconds they whisked him away to check on him. Hubby was so scared both for me and him, poor guy, he felt so helpless. After I was all cleaned up and back in my bed they brought in our bundle of joy. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. They handed this beautiful little boy to me, the best present I could have ever gotten, wrapped up in a pretty blue blanket. The love I felt in my heart made it seem like it would overflow - my serotonin levels were off the charts! I fell instantly head over heels for this child, thanking God for a safe arrival. I studied his face, counted his toes, and revelled in that new baby smell. And he was such a good baby in that hospital, (notice how I am specific in that last sentence?) the nurses loved him as he rarely fussed. I rely on these memories and visit them often because they grow so fast! Next year he will be a teen! But no matter what, he will always be my firstborn. And if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can transport myself back to that time in a heartbeat.

Happy Birthday Jack! Love you!

Jul 9, 2007

Ya Da Ya Da Ya Da....

It is SCARY how I can waste hours in a day. Minutes that somehow turn into hours and then BANG! it's 5:30 p.m. and I haven't done a single thing - I haven't even planned what to feed my children for supper. And they're on to me. Their eyes roll behind my back. I know this. Cuz I have eyes in the back of my head.

I can get on the Internet and get lost quite easily. And Facebook doesn't help things. Why? Because I must know what a friend I last spoke to in highschool is doing. What groups they have joined. What places they have been. Who have they talked to? What gift did they give? Who are their friends and must I know them too? Really, that is uber annoying. TOO MUCH INFORMATION FACEBOOK!

And then I get stuck at this place. I go through these lists like I am searching for the holy grail when I SHOULD be cleaning my house for company (Hey Tim & Con! :) that is arriving this weekend. But really, we all know that I work best under pressure so I won't start that until Saturday afternoon. I digress.

I envy people who are organized and clean on Mondays. Shop on Tuesdays. Dust on Thursday. I am a Gemini with a fairly short attention span and cleaning house is not overly exciting to me. Why vacuum when you can search ebay for the third season of Green Acres? I mean, really!

Oh and a big p.s. to this post. Wilbur is (sort of) getting that brother he always wanted. The lady I adopted Wilbur from needs to find a home for an old english sheepdog named 'Winston'. My parents have decided that this is the dog for them. CAN YOU IMAGINE Wilbur and Winston together? Oh the fun they will have! And Socal, I know you are grinning from ear to ear right now! :)

Don't let the picture the picture fool you - they may look a lot alike but this dog is actually WINSTON! When I was posting this picture on my blog, Wilbur saw it on the computer screen, tilted his head and started barking excitedly. How sweet is that? :)

Jul 6, 2007

Have I Told You Lately...

That I love you?

A total of 35,000 fans like myself jammed into Le Breton Flats to see the incomparable Van Morrison who put on a great show - 90 minutes of solid performing. (and no talking!) My fav song "Into the Mystic" thankfully made it into the roster as well as many other classics. A memorable night indeed!

Jul 4, 2007

It's a Wonderful Night....


So excited, we're off to see Van Morrison in concert tonight under the stars! (well, truth be told it's pretty cloudy, but anyway)

Just another item on my "must-do" life list that I can tick off. :)