Jul 30, 2007

Our Time in T.O.

This past weekend we packed up the kiddies and went to visit my step-daughter Tarah in Toronto and also met up with our dear friends Al and Monika from California. The weather was beautiful and the city was busy!

We stayed at the Westin and had a nice view of both the CN Tower and Lake Ontario from our hotel room. Their patented "Heavenly Bed" provides a really good night's sleep. Well, sorta. The hotel is right on the harbour and the only problem with that was - there was a "Wake Boarding" convention in town so swarms of teenage/young adults were staying there. And loud! On our last night we were awoken at 4 a.m. to drunken laughing and carrying on. A quick complaint to guest services the next morning saved us $100 off of our bill - hey, thanks kids! ;)

Friday night we had dinner at a really neat place -
The Academy of Spherical Arts.

It was a huge warehouse where you could play pool, have dinner, wander around and look at the art. It was great for the kids because they didn't have to just sit there through a boring dinner. They loved it. More pics tomorrow!

Just had to share this picture of Wilbur. My parents looked after him for us and he somehow got into a bag of blueberries, hence the stained snout. He and their new sheepdog Winston got along really well so I'm happy about that - seeing as I have to return the favor for them this weekend!


Chunks said...

Hehe looks like my dog is not the only one loving the berries!

Your trip to Tarrana sounds like it was great!

Connie :) said...

Glad you had a good time! Miss you.