Aug 24, 2007

House Sale Finds

Popped into a house sale the other day and found this lovely old leather box with original key. For only ten bucks! Bought it originally for my mother-in-law who LOVES boxes, but I think it wants to stay with me. (!)

This lovely old tray with roses was marked at $18.00 which I thought was way too expensive seeing it had a chip on it. I brought it to the proprietor (whom I know) and she hadn't seen the chip so she changed the price to five bucks. Never hurts to ask!

This old derelict cabinet was overlooked by many but I knew it could be beautiful again. All I did was add some old wallpaper and some pom-pom trim. How cute in a bathroom, huh?


And after!

I'm off to an antique show tomorrow in Merrickville - hope to find some more treasures there!


Lisa said...

You always find the most elegant items! That box is amazing! You worked magic on the cabinet! I love it! P.S It really never hurts to ask!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Saaaa-weet cabinet! Love the wallpaper background!