Aug 9, 2007

More Toronto Pics

This artwork is haunting. It was displayed at that restaurant we went to "The Academy of Spherical Arts". If art is to move you - than this did the job nicely.

I had to laugh when we walked by this lawyer's office. Their motto should be "Don't let the name fool you..."

My son Jack was wowed by these two buildings. What 12 year old boy wouldn't be? :)

And finally, a little country in the middle of the city. It just goes to prove you'll never know what you'll find! Wouldn't you just love to peek inside?

We had dinner al fresco last Sunday evening...

We had to move the set onto the grass, in the shade, as the sun was just too strong! I am loving this warm weather and sometimes wish we lived in a place more condusive to this all year long. I swear this morning when I went to water my flowers I could smell Fall in the air - oh noooooo! Oh yeah, I added the 'blingy' trim to
ebay yesterday - it's been while since I've sold on there and I do kind of miss it. Well, I guess I miss the extra pocket cash, really. ;)


Lisa said...

Wow What a city! Some business names are so funny! The other day we saw a security company logo called "Wackanut Security" LOL My husband got a laugh out of tha one. Great pictures! Thanks...Lisa

SoCalMuchacha said...

(cough-cough) SoCal has the climate you're gushing over. (cough-cough-hint-hint) :)

Chunks said...

I can't get over how beautiful your yard is. Sigh.

Great pics Joy!