Aug 1, 2007

My Shabby Sunroom...BTW Can You See Me Now?

Every house needs a shabby chic styled room, don'tcha think? ;) Our sunroom is it! It's all screened in where we can enjoy the outdoors and not be pestered by bugs. (click on pics for larger views)

A chandelier↓ in a porch? Why not? It's not wired up, just a cheap find at a yard sale that needed a place to be loved, working nor not. I can simply never say 'no' to a chandelier. :)

I bought these lacy type curtains today at Value Village - spent a whole $4.99 for the pair. :) I had no idea where I was going to hang them and walked around the house for a good half hour until I realized they weren't going to serve a purpose as a curtain afterall (they didn't have holes for a rod anyway) Instead I softened up these brown wicker chairs with them.

This shot is right outside the sunroom. I love these old gymn locker baskets. They're great for the kids to throw their toys and bathing suits in.

And so concludes the sunroom tour!

p.s. Has anyone now figured out that I can't seem to write anything of value in the past little while - so instead I post tons of pics??!!... ;)


SoCalMuchacha said...

Hmmm, it might just be me and my browser (Firefox), but I can only see one of the pics, chica. ;)

Oh well, at least the Wilbur pics on the blog are showing up, so that will pacify me for now...especially since my Rudy is at the vet all day for a blood glucose curve. Darn place is soooo not the same, and soooo quiet without him around...sigh.

lucinda said...

I can only see one pic too from the post too. You've peaked my interest.

cityfarmer said...

I also cannot see but just a few pictures...BUT I have a really great imagination....looks cozy and shabby

Chunks said...

I can only see one too and I'm on IE.

Are you messin' with us Joy? :)

Anonymous said...

I can see them all tonight Joy...but earlier on in the day I couldn't but still tried to click on to the file...low and behold tonight I can see them all! Yummy cozy, beautiful sunroom!!!! Jackie

Jenny said...

I WANT a sunroom!!!!!
That is exactly how I would decorate my sunroom.