Aug 21, 2007

The One(s) That Got Away

When it comes to antiquing, or even yard saling, he who hesitates is lost. Did you ever see something that you loved, but didn't end up buying it - only to kick yourself later? It's happened to me many times...

Two years ago I remember seeing a very unique find that I didn't act upon - which now I regret. It was a roll of linoleum. (a roll of linoleum of you say?) Yes! It was as old as the hills and looked like an old floral rug. No word of a lie. With the best faded pink and blue roses on it. Linoleum that looked like a rug. Would've been perfect for my craft room. Ugh.

Hubby and I also learned a while back that if you love something and it's a good price, snap it up! While antiquing at our favorite outdoor antique show in Odessa, we happened upon an old french bistro set - it was fabulous. We hesitated and told the seller we'd walk around for a few minutes and discuss it. We were no more than 500 feet away when I realized buying the set was a no-brainer, we hurried back only to realize she had just then sold it. We missed it by 60 seconds! But we hadn't told her for sure and she wasn't holding it for us.

Lesson learned!


Chunks said...

Your HUBBY goes with you?! Wow!

Just wow!

Lisa said...

I agree, that was rule number 3, I had to learn the hard way. Always pick everything up you like and at least carry it around or put a hold on it! I have several of those regrets! But I usually make up for the losses! Yes my husband goes with me now too LOL

mgm said...

Howdy joy! Yep it happened to me too but not so much anymore...I grab up what I want when I see it...then before I leave I give everything a last look over before settling on anything....if it's big tell the person running the show you want her to hold that for you while you continue to shop around.....a not on the old lin tile...careful with that stuff...lots if not all of it contains asbestos...had some in my old house it was beautiful, but it was flaking in spots and had to have professionals come in to remove it. stopping in to wave hello!