Aug 26, 2007

Vintage Roses, Anyone?

*Update - 3.4 yards of it now listed on ebay!*

O.K. when we went to the Merrickville Antique Show yesterday we were very disappointed as there weren't very many sellers there. The weather wasn't really co-operating either and I was afraid we had driven an hour for nothing. And then I spotted it.

Vintage canvas fabric with roses. On a pink background.
To. Die. For.

And not just a little bit. A whole roll of it. Thick, heavy canvas. Hallelujah! My good luck is still holding out! This stuff is perfect for recovering outdoor furniture. Oh, the possibilities...

More great yard sale finds tomorrow...


Robolady said...

Love it, I just discovered your site via a comment you left on Fifi's. I love your stuff. Especially your Junk.
Keep on junkin-Margo

Chunks said...

Nice find Joy! I can't wait to see what else you found.