Sep 29, 2007

Saturday's Deal of the Day

First off, let me begin by saying that when I left the house this morning it was NOT my intention to buy furniture!


I came across this three piece set and fell in love! A dark brown leather settee with 2 matching ottomans....kind of has that British Colonial look going for it. It was very out of place at the yard sale/house sale it was at and stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw it. The price made it a very easy decision, just $100.

Man, I'm going to miss yard sales when the colder weather is upon us...

Sep 28, 2007

For Amy

This post is dedicated to Amy

Amy is a wonderful gal I met through the internet years ago on ebay. She is a mom to 4 girls, also a "bonus" mom and the the proprietor of Four Sisters In a Cottage. Amy is currently battling breast cancer and the ribbon you see on my side link is for her.

Amy is a true testament to the strength and beauty of a woman. Although I've never met her I am constantly inspired and often brought to tears by her. She has been blogging about her journey and gives a true insight to what battling cancer can do to your mind and body. Her posts are written with honesty and although she may not truly know it, she inspires every single person who drops by to visit with her and support her.

In a post she wrote a few days ago she expressed that she wasn't sure what her purpose was - she felt that she had something she was supposed to do going through her cancer. What she doesn't know is she IS doing it already. She inspires us, teaches us, bonds and unites us. We respect her, we cheer for her, we admire her honesty and her spirit. I have the utmost respect for Amy as she is battling this dreaded disease. She has chosen to fight! fight! fight! God has put a lot on her plate and she is rising to the occasion. And we, her blogland friends, are behind her 100%.

God Bless you Amy. Thank you for inspiring me every day. To never take a day for granted. To love my family and friends with all of my heart and soul. For allowing me to intimately understand what a cancer patient endures during their fight. Thank-you for renewing in me, my respect for the great strength and fortitude a woman can possess.

Now go kick that cancer's ass! ;)

Sep 27, 2007

Buttons, Bells & Bowls

How's that for a snappy title? ;)

Came out of hiding today to venture into my favorite thrift store and so glad I did! If I hadn't I would have never found these original old Marine Service buttons featuring a gorgeous crown in the center. I saw a couple of these in a bag full of buttons and hoped they would be the real deal. They are stamped Made in England on the back.

These old metal holiday bells were all attached to a very ugly piece of velvet ribbon which I promptly cut off! Each one has a different saying "Best Wishes", "Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year", "Good Luck", "Holiday Greetings" ... I like the wear on them and have to figure out what to do with them. Perhaps tie one on Wilbur's collar? :)

Also found these two silver has a frog insert for flowers. They other I filled with bejewelled pears for now...

And finally, this clock begged to come home with me, and I obliged. It is just made out of ceramic (stamped 1973) but the clock insert is indeed old. It's the plug-in kind, not battery operated. :)

Well, I've got a dilemna on my hands. I have just now found out that Wilbur has been secretly laying on the couch while I go and run errands. How did I find out? Well, there is the NASTIEST odour coming from the couch where he was laying (oh, and the pillows were all messed up too) I don't want to get too gross here but this smell is ODD. Not #1, not #2 ... but ODD! And I can't get rid of it for the life of me! I have scrubbed it, "Lysol-ed" and still it persists! Anyone have any advice on what I should do?....UPDATE: answer solved - thanks Amy!

p.s. please stop by tomorrow for a post that's near and dear to my heart...

Sep 26, 2007

NYC, Here I ....

won't be going :(

Hubby and I, and another couple were supposed to be venturing off to NYC this weekend for 4 glorious days. (I've never been) Unfortunately works schedules have taken a turn for the worse and we've had to postpone indefinitely. What I like to call major "lunch bag letdown". Oh well, I'll get there eventually.

Yesterday was lots of fun checking out fellow bloggers and their beautiful homes. I love seeing how other people decorate and design. I am the girl who tells hubby to slow down when he's driving through a residential suburb at night so I can peer into the windows. I've decided that technically, that doesn't make me a Peeping Tom because I am not ever at a standstill. Just driving really slow. ;)

Wilbur is trying to adjust to the fact that he now looks like a Holstein cow or a shaved lamb. (I promised him I wouldn't post embarrassing shaved pics of him) He looks rather forlorn most of the time and knows when he gets in trouble that looking at me coy-ly won't work. He can't even fake the coy look. It fact, he looks more constipated than anything! I liken him to a competitor on America's Next Top Model. You know the show where they do the makeovers and inevitably one girl gets her hair shaved? They always pick the girl they KNOW will flip out. After they cut her hair she's lost her mojo and she just doesn't know what to do. That's Wilbur. It will take him a couple of weeks to start workin' his new look. And perhaps a few more inches of hair....

Sep 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This post is in honor of Karla at Karla's Cottage. Today's the day that she's hosting a blog party called "What Do You Love About Your Home?"
So here are a few things I love about my home...

Perhaps I am melancholy that summer is leaving us but here's what I love outside of my house...

I love having dinner al fresco in the backyard....this day was so hot that we moved the table onto the grass where there was more shade under the trees...

Another favorite thing about my home (outside) is our 'pondless' waterfall. All of the beauty with none of the maintenance!

A great backdrop when you're dining outside...

After dinner when the sun goes down we love to head into the sunroom for a glass of vino...

This is a great place to relax and unwind...

If it gets too cool out there we head for the kitchen...this is our favorite place inside to sit and chat.

I guess there is a lot of things I love about my home but the thing I love the MOST are the people in it! The memories we are constantly making give this house a rich, homey feel. A 'patina' of warmth that envelopes me every time I step inside...

Thanks for stopping by today - hope you enjoyed your visit with me!

Monday, Monday

These were fun to make. Don't ask me WHY I am making Christmas decorations in September! I dug out some old Christmas cards and I put them in these old Italian frames I found at a thrift store. I think they'd look great on a tree or hanging from a shelf or mantel...they're in my Etsy shop. I need to start clearing out all the JUNK I have bought and start listing some more.

This picture cracks me up. Just when you think you're having a nice Kodak moment - *INSERT KID!* This picture is why hubby and I decided to have next Saturday night as a date night all to ourselves. Can't wait!

Sep 22, 2007

Birdcage Makeover & Deals of the Day

No sooner than when I started decorating my new birdcage for Halloween did I think how cute it would look all dolled up for Christmas....typical Gemini I am! I added some old crocheted lace around the middle of the cage...

...and then dressed it up with some old crystals too...

I also hung some old keys around the outside...inside sits a straw pumpkin on a pedestal.

... A vintage style tag that I made up and a tiny bottle of old flowers adorns the top.

On now to deals of the day!

It was a beautiful day here for yard saling, actually quite warm. The deals were absolutely phenomenal! Take for instance these two old small concrete urns. Heavy as the day is long. I paid 50 cents each for them. Felt like I was stealing!

I bought the old red stool for my sister-in-law's birthday. (her birthday is not until May but I know she'll love it so I'll tuck it away in the basement til then) The tray with glads on it is actually a very sturdy breakfast tray. It is vintage and pretty much mint. Still has original tag on back. I am embarrassed to say how much I paid for this. O.K. fine - a quarter. What are people thinking???!!!

You think that would pretty much cover it for my deals of the day, huh? Well, I've got one more for you. Two, actually! At the yard sale where I bought the urns, they were THROWING these hand made wooden pink flamingos to the trash so I got the pair for FREE. What I am going to do with them, I have no idea but I could not bear to think they were going to the dump!

Sep 21, 2007

Let the Transformation Begin!

Picked up this cute vintage birdcage today and am going to try to gussy it up a bit! Should be fun...

Sep 20, 2007

Wilbur's New Hobby

The other day I was sitting on the side of the trampoline watching the kids play soccer when Wilbur decided he'd like to join me. Up he jumped for the very first time on this strange contraption that jiggled when he walked. He was quite amused by it.

Yesterday when I was doing some work in the garage I saw him saunter over to the trampoline alone. I had to laugh when he tried to jump up again but couldn't make it. That's when I decided to grab my camera!

Up he jumped again, wanting more tramp action I guess...

He just barely made it this time.

I wish I knew what he was thinking...

Well, I guess he thinks it's a great place to relax in the sun? Crazy dog! Had to take lots of pictures of him because he's getting shaved today - you can't tell from the photos but he is totally matted. Sad, cuz I love him looking this way. It is soooo quiet in the house right now with him gone. Very weird. He'll be depressed for a few days so I better go buy him some cool treats like any good Momma would... :)

Sep 19, 2007


What I am supposed to be doing:

Getting together records, files and info for our company's year end

What I am going to do:

Post pictures of a lovely antique store near here!

I have a bit of attention deficit when it comes to things I don't want to do! But walk into this store and I'm concentrating very hard.
On not buying everything I see!

Just look at the yummy goodness! These ladies have a knack for the art of display...when you walk into this store it is like a funhouse for vintage addicts. :)

This door was original pale pink! With a shelf built in!

Belles of the ball...I wonder what ladies wore these pretty dresses? Aren't they pretty?

Pale blue with the most scrumptious lace ruffles!

A store FILLED with treasures ... and I came home with only this:

Now that's self control!

Sep 17, 2007

Simply Chic

Isn't she sweet? She's up for bid on ebay. I love this decorative dress form, the way it is so simply done but yet so beautiful.

To me the design of the 'dress' is gorgeous. Simply draped chartreuse tulle set off with a simple silk sash.

Sometimes less IS more...

Sep 15, 2007

On The Junking Trail...

Went yard saling today although it was dark and dreary - and cold! Didn't think I would fare well but you just never know. So, Wilbur and I took off with a hot coffee and lots of small change.

Picked up all of these items (save for the brass stamp holder) at one sale. Brought them all home in the tongue and groove wooden in-box that I scored for two bucks and look how cozy everyone looks in there!

Find of the day goes to this beauty below. A vintage pale blue ticking eiderdown comforter filled with feathers. Did one of those comic double-takes when I saw it. It's huge - and is it ever heavy!

Vintage roses on ticking - a shabby girl's dream! *Update - my sister thinks it may be a feather bed - that you would lay on it instead of under it...???

Sep 14, 2007

Deal of the Day

I happened across a yard sale today and saw this gorgeous grate hanging on the wall in the garage, above the tables they had filled with rather forgettable items. Of course I am the one who always wants the things that are inevitably not for sale but I didn't think it would hurt to ask. (my new motto!)

The lady told me that, no, it wasn't for sale. As I perused a little more however she changed her mind, looking up at it and asked me how much I would be willing to pay her for it. Well, that's a tricky question. So I put it back on her.

Me - "Well, how much do you want for it?"

Her - "Five dollars."

Me - "Umm, o.k.! That's fair with me!"

The middle section is actually removable. It's a keeper, I don't think I can part with it....


Sep 13, 2007

Hope Jar Winner! (s)

Thanks to all of you who entered! I decided to pick *2* winners (which was good because y'know I have 2 kids and they BOTH wanted to choose!)

Our first winner was a gal from from Bailiwick Designs,
Jill. Our second winner was Claudia from The Paris Apartment! Just email me ladies and I will get your choice of jar out to you in the mail.

Just had to share this necklace I purchased from one of my all-time fav sellers on Etsy called Oppulent Oddities (photo by her)

She makes the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and each comes with its own story. My piece is entitled "All We Have Now". It stuck a chord with me and I just had to have it. Actually, I loved it so much I had to use it in my own photo!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Sep 10, 2007

Chandelier Chic

My love affair with chandeliers...

I love chandeliers. So much so that I have one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, and *three* in my bedroom. The one shown above - and two smaller ones tucked into the dormers. My bedroom is my place of refuge and being able to dim this light to suit my mood is so soothing. It can take the edge off of a rather bad day and transport you into a calmer, more peaceful place.

I actually got this chandelier from my brother who had picked it up at a tag sale a few years back. I had a stained glass fixture that he liked so we did an even trade. I still think I got the better end of the deal!

Chandeliers add so much drama to a room. They can dress it up the same way a beautiful set of pearls can dress up a plain outfit. Add lights and sparkling crystals together and magic happens. It never looks the same way twice.

The chandelier below is the one that hangs above my kitchen sink. Who says doing dishes can't be glamorous? ;) And what a steal this one was - $13.00 at a yard sale - I painted it white as soon as I got home!

Decorating styles may come and go but I will never tire of chandeliers...

Sep 8, 2007

The Hope Jar Giveaway!

This post is dedicated to the kindness of strangers...

Lidy from French Garden House blog, a lady I had never met before emailed me (after I had visited her site) and asked me if she could feature The Hope Jar website on her blog. I was so touched by her kindness - what a sweet thing to do! I am doing this post in honor of her and her lovely website
French Garden House
where she sells "antiques and shabby decor to romance your home and garden." The site, as well as her items, are GORGEOUS!

Thank-you so much Lidy, you are a stranger no more - but now a blogging friend!

The Hope Jar™

For those of you who aren't familiar, The Hope Jar contains 30 daily affirmations professionally printed on 85 pound cardstock in a lovely re-usable glass jar. It's a unique and special way to show someone you care. There are currently five jars in the line-up - Pregnancy, Marriage, Friendship, Heartbreak and Grief.

For instance, if your girlfriend is suffering due to a broken heart, than the "Heartbreak" jar just may be the thing to cure her. The "Friendship" jar is a unique and fun way to show your best friend that you can't live without her! ... On a more serious note, if someone you care about has just lost a loved one, the "Grief" jar is a unique sympathy gift - better than a card or flowers, your sentiments last 30 days. The Pregnancy and Marriage Hope Jars are filled with warm and funny quotes and make lovely, unique shower gifts.


Anyone who leaves a comment on this post will get an entry to win their choice of any Hope Jar! I will pick a winner on Wednesday September 12th and announce the winner Thursday morning.

*Hope Jars now come with vintage-style charms!

Which will YOU choose?