Sep 19, 2007


What I am supposed to be doing:

Getting together records, files and info for our company's year end

What I am going to do:

Post pictures of a lovely antique store near here!

I have a bit of attention deficit when it comes to things I don't want to do! But walk into this store and I'm concentrating very hard.
On not buying everything I see!

Just look at the yummy goodness! These ladies have a knack for the art of display...when you walk into this store it is like a funhouse for vintage addicts. :)

This door was original pale pink! With a shelf built in!

Belles of the ball...I wonder what ladies wore these pretty dresses? Aren't they pretty?

Pale blue with the most scrumptious lace ruffles!

A store FILLED with treasures ... and I came home with only this:

Now that's self control!