Sep 26, 2007

NYC, Here I ....

won't be going :(

Hubby and I, and another couple were supposed to be venturing off to NYC this weekend for 4 glorious days. (I've never been) Unfortunately works schedules have taken a turn for the worse and we've had to postpone indefinitely. What I like to call major "lunch bag letdown". Oh well, I'll get there eventually.

Yesterday was lots of fun checking out fellow bloggers and their beautiful homes. I love seeing how other people decorate and design. I am the girl who tells hubby to slow down when he's driving through a residential suburb at night so I can peer into the windows. I've decided that technically, that doesn't make me a Peeping Tom because I am not ever at a standstill. Just driving really slow. ;)

Wilbur is trying to adjust to the fact that he now looks like a Holstein cow or a shaved lamb. (I promised him I wouldn't post embarrassing shaved pics of him) He looks rather forlorn most of the time and knows when he gets in trouble that looking at me coy-ly won't work. He can't even fake the coy look. It fact, he looks more constipated than anything! I liken him to a competitor on America's Next Top Model. You know the show where they do the makeovers and inevitably one girl gets her hair shaved? They always pick the girl they KNOW will flip out. After they cut her hair she's lost her mojo and she just doesn't know what to do. That's Wilbur. It will take him a couple of weeks to start workin' his new look. And perhaps a few more inches of hair....


heddy said...

More than LOL, about the driving around at night, because we have done the same thing. Can it be called.... doing research?
Have you been telling Wilber how utterly handsome he looks, how much "cooler", he'll be?

Chunks said...

Sorry to hear about the NYC cancellation. Bummer.

Poor Wilbur. My Taz is in need of a haircut too, but with the weather turning cool, I've been holding off. When he starts bumping into things, I'll take him in! LOL!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Have you ever been to NYC? My dad was born in Manhattan and lived there until he was 12. But his extended family all still live on "the island." I ADORE NYC!! If you go, stop at Balducci's for me and pick me up a few things, ok??


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

aaah, so sorry! I hope to get to NYC sometime this year too. Never been. I'm adding you to my favs as I love your style.

Joy Logan said...

One good reason I always told hubby was to"walk the dog after sundown"...another peeper!