Sep 2, 2007

Sunday Finds

Here are some of the treasures I picked up between here and Kingston...I spotted the pink metal box from a mile away. It had old films in it but I think it would make a great storage container for someone who loves pink. Now listed on ebay!

I really love this old perfume bottle, a steal at five bucks!

I can't believe I hesitated buying this vintage shoe bag holder. Must have had a brain freeze! I think it would be great in a craft room or art studio to hold various supplies. (now listed on ebay)

These old picture snapshot mini-folders were a great find! Reminiscent of old postcard folders, these are much cuter at a smaller size. I bought a whole bag full and I think they would be lovely to display just scattered about or perhaps tucked under the glass of a desk or coffee table.

My fav were the ones from Paris. Real old photos! Little gems that were just waiting to be admired. Welcome home, little ones. :)


Robolady said...

I love it all, great finds, and wonderful pictures of paris etc. Was the film in the box on reels? Would love to see that too.

Jenny said...

Every Monday I quickly click on the computer and head over here to see what you found during the weekend.
I love the old perfume bottle and all the old pics are amazing!!