Oct 2, 2007

The Colors of Fall

Although Fall doesn't hold the same pull for me it once did, I am inspired by it's colors. These are the colors I love. Not any one in particular - more the feeling they give. Warmth, comfort, coziness...

I don't remember where hubby and I got this old papier mache man but we always laugh when we remember what his cousin's reaction to him was. "He's hideous!" was her remark. I think hideous is a rather strong word, don't you think? ;)

I have been creating up a storm - my mind is into overdrive.
Last night I started making decorations out of old tourist photograph packs. These were sold in sets - tiny photographs, snapshot postcards if you will. I have been wondering what to do with these little gems and making them is a lot of fun.

I picked up this old file cabinet at the same yard sale I got the setee at. Old as the hills! I just love the color - perfect for Fall. It's dark and serious looking but full of charm. Best of all, it takes some of the clutter off of my desk...


Jennifer Froh said...

I wouldn't say "hideous"... he's actually quite adorable! :) He looks like a very gentle man :)

Jenny said...

He's full of charm.
I love all the photos you take.
Great filing cabinet!

heddy said...

Good Morning,
A little too dark to make out the file cabinet.
Maybe hideous in a good way. Not to have everything too, too, too perfect. something just for a smile and memory of outing with hubby, makes everything smile for the composition.
And please report on Wilbur. I do hope he is not in the "dog house" for the sofa incident.
Has he been spotted on the trampoline yet?

heddy said...

Husband's cousin sounds like a charmer;
I wonder if she would come over to my house and make comments?!

Dana said...

I like the little man! And I LOVE the settee, What a great deal!

A Thing for Roses said...

Just found your blog although I have watched your ebay auctions for some time now. I have enjoyed reading some of your blog archives. Please come by my blog for a visit sometime.


Nunnie's Attic said...

I think he's kinda cute in a weird sort of way. I wish I could see the file cabinet better but it's hard for me to make it out. But, if it's anything like the settee, I'm sure it's gorgeous!


Chunks said...

Why's he pointing at his arm? I like him. He's quirky.