Oct 14, 2007

Coming Out to Play

Have I ever mentioned that I have a really un-healthy collection and love for old ornaments? I have so many that they would fit MANY, many trees. I found this great glass compote (?) at V.V. on Friday for $3.99. When I came home, my ornaments wanted to jump in!

Aren't these fun? Glittery alphabet letters that wanted to come out and play too. For now they're having fun getting all cozy in a silver tray.

It's cool and overcast today. I made some homemade chicken noodle soup the cheater's way. Hubby brought home a roasted chicken which I tore apart, after sauteing some fresh vegetables in olive oil and then adding some chicken stock, it came together quite quickly. It's the perfect day for it...

My secret ingredient - no chicken soup is complete without it!

...And just enough left over to make chicken salad!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That compote with the ornaments is just stunning! Great buy! Can my husband come over for supper? He loves home made chicken noodle soup. ~ Lynn

Nunnie's Attic said...

I used to have a ton of glass ornaments until my cats realized they like knocking them off of the tree and watching them shatter! Your collection is beautiful.

I use Maggi all of the time. Not too many people (at least people I know) are aware of it. I like to add it to a lot of dishes like stroganoff, etc. To be honest, I never thought about adding it to chicken. I will NOW though!


Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh and I almost forgot. I gave you an award today! Be sure and drop by to pick it up!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, you are making me hungry, Joy! And i just love those ornaments in the glass compote. So pretty.


Cottage by the River said...

The soup looks great and the ornaments and letters look really good. The color of the ornaments are very cheerful!


Chunks said...

I had Lipton Chicken Noodle for dinner...not nearly as appetizing! Your VV must rock I tell you, because ours sure doesn't!

Jenny said...

You're such a talented photographer! You know the precise angle to take a picture from.
My MIL has always used Maggi. I've never tried it just for that reason!!LOL Will have to now!!
Your soup looked divine!!

Janet said...

Maggi. Every Dutch girl's secret weapon. My dad has a huge 'Maggi' bush in his garden-- it's the herb lovage, I think-- and he uses it *fresh* in all of his soups! SO FAB!

Saw your car on Fri. At V.V., Joy & looked for you but we must have missed each other... I got a great old silver pillar candle holder!

Wanda said...

You and I share an affinity for old ornies. We had to build storage for my ever growing vintage Christmas decorations collection.

The glittery letters are cool!

Carrie said...

The ornaments displayed in the compote is a great idea. Last Christmas I only put up my trees in the Study, Bedroom and Guest room, and missed seeing the ornaments for the Living Room. Displaying them in a compote or other vessel would have been the solution. Thanks for sharing.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I have a huge collection of vintage glass ornaments too. I just love them, and cannot seem to resist buying more and MORE!
And, mmmmmmmmm nothing beats a good chicken salad!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Joy, I collect vintage ornaments too. I just now have enought to do a vintage tree. This past year I finally found a vintage tree topper. So, I think that this is the year for two trees in my house....

The soup sounds great. I have never heard of Maggi. Where is it found in the grocery store? Spice Isle?

IsabellaCloset said...

Joy, I love your vintage ornaments! How lovely they are. I too have a huge collection of old glass/mercury ornaments. Collecting them is just another of my obsessions LOL..
I've the same set of Glitter alphabets too. It's been such great fun playing with them.
Enjoy :-} ~Mary~

Michelle said...

I love your ornaments in the glass compote! I may have to try this since my tree probably won't hold all of my ornaments this year!