Oct 11, 2007

Seven Random Things...

I've been tagged by the lovely Shabby Miss Jenn to list 7 random fact about me. (this will probably turn out to be 7 weird things about me, but anyway!)

Ohmigosh this is harder than it seems. Ummmm....

1. O.K. I know one. I am a (rather) aggressive driver and I like to drive fast. I love to drive! In fact, when I was young I used to want to be a transport truck driver. Does that make me sound butch, or what?

2. My right thumb is double jointed so I can maneuver it like it's like a trigger of a gun.

....Oh my, this list is going the wrong way, now I sound like a convict!

3. I still have a nightgown that I wore when I was 14. That makes it 24 years old this year. It's hot pink and says "You Snooze, You Lose."

4. I am totally stealing this from the divine Vanessa as she listed this exact thing, but I have a small piece of lead in my middle finger of my left hand. It's been there since I was very young and I don't really remember how it got there. It's still visible.

5. I'm a hugger. I love to hug! Some people aren't and I respect that. (no, I don't really!) I love to meet fellow huggers! You know that video with the guy holding the sign that says "FREE HUGS"? I LOVE THAT VIDEO!

6. I am totally addicted to "Little Britain", a English comedy sketch show on BBC. I can't even find words to describe this show. Well, it's not for kids. That's the way I will describe it. ;)

7. I love the way some words sound and feel when you say them. Like "scrumptious". Isn't that a great word? I don't think it's used enough. Do me a favor and try to use the word scrumptious in a sentence today. You'll be glad you did. :)

Well, I got on a roll there!

Mister man is gettin' on my nerves. He jumped the retaining wall in the backyard AGAIN and found another dead animal to roll around in. The stink is unimaginable. And somehow he thinks that is a good thing. Go figure.

I just realized that my *2* year blogging anniversary is this month! My first post was October 31, 2005. I shall have a giveaway to celebrate! Stay tuned...


Chunks said...

Wibur's acting like a dog?! WTH?!


Taz does the same thing, but so far has limited his rolling all over dead things to bugs and mushrooms. It's hilarious to watch him though because of his buddha belly!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I have lead (or most likely graphite) in my left hand too. I was in 9th grad when Mark H. behind me in social studies was pulling on my bra strap and when I reached behind to stop him, he stabbed me! All in good fun but it's still there...

And one of my favorite words to say is succulent. Reminds me of lobster!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

It has just been "scruptious" hearing about you and your seven weird...ahem....random facts!!

I have to say that I have a hot pink nightgown that I still have from when I was about that age too and I am 33!!! haha!!! great minds think alike! it has holes under the arms...did you ever see that fashion show where they come and raid your closet and scold you for things like that?? hehe!!!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Wow, Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary of blogging! And you are still so interesting and inspiring! Imagine that! I hope I can still be that way, I am just a baby blogger three months old! My husband asked me the other day if I had run out of things to say yet. Then he quickly said "I don't know what I was thinking, of course you haven't!". We've been married 21 years so I guess he would know better than anyone. There will be no end! :-)


melissa @ the inspired room said...

P.S. Speaking of no end to my thoughts, I forgot to mention something, I had a nightgown from my high school days (note: I am 40) that my husband finally asked me to get rid of. It was a tee-shirt style with a huge cartoon character "Cathy" on it. Poor guy! I finally obliged and put it in the trash.

SoCal Muchacha said...

Total flashback to the "I know who shot J.R." pj's I had back in the day--nope, don't still have them, but do have a pair with poochies on them that have about as many holes in them as swiss cheese does! lol Yup, soooo need to toss them.

Add me to the ranks of those with pencil lead/graphite in their hands. Reached for a pencil and somehow the point ended up in the middle of my right palm...still there (no lie!), and this happened about 35 years ago! I SWORE I was going to die of lead poisoning until they finally convinced me it wasn't really "lead" in a pencil, but was graphite.

And because you asked, Miss Joy, "I just indulged in far too much of a SCRUMPTIOUS Hershey's creamy milk chocolate bar filled with caramel--yum!

Btw, um, uh, where'd ya first see that "Free Hugs" video, chica?? ;)

Sandy said...

Hi Joy!
Oh, Wilbur ...
My ONE YR is next week! Make sure and come by and see what I'm giving away :)

A Thing for Roses said...

Hi Joy,

I'm a hugger too! If I ever met you I would give you a great big hug. It was fun reading about your 7 random things. Sorry about your stinky doggy.


Janet said...

Okay, so this seals the deal. We were meant to be best friends! I have lead in my hand too-- and I remember exactly how it got there. Grade three. Fire alarm. Scared the *crap* out of me when it went off, and I accidently stabbed myself in the hand with my pencil. Lead broke off and never came out. It's still visible too!

Just wanted to come over & say thanks to all who posted to commiserate about the loss of our dog Izzy. Posted a better thank-you and one of my fave pics of her over at my blog...

Hugs to all, ('cuz I'm hugger, too!)