Oct 1, 2007

Vintage Inspiration

A short trip to the flea yesterday produced these lovely old tobacco silks. Now, I had never even heard of these things before last week (I read about tobacco cards somewhere on the net) so I was intrigued when I saw them. Apparently they used to stick these inside cigarette packages and this lot even includes the original "How To" insert. Basically it tells you how to make an "ornamental centerpiece" from the inserts and if you send in 25 of the notices, they will send you a satin flower to finish it!

This is a tiny little birdcage I picked up somewhere in my travels - it's tiny, measuring only 3" tall. This morning as I walked by it, it was calling my name - begging to be decorated so I added some old brass pins I just picked up at Value Village. (the JUDGE pin I've had for ever) I love the crown pin at the bottom, a steal at only 99 cents! Now it has become it's own little still life. I just love the way my junk tells me what to do with it!...


Chunks said...

Do you still have kids, a husband and a dog?

Just wondering.

HAHAHAHHAHA God I love teasing you about your addiction! LOL!

fifi said...

What a lovely little display you put together with the cage and its goodies. Love the "judge." What a treasure.
And the leather bench and ottomans...what a deal!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Nothing like a good fix to help along an addiction!


Arlene said...

Love those tobacco silks, I never heard of them...now something else on my look for list!