Nov 30, 2007

These Cow Bells Followed Me Home...

My house is a disaster, I have company coming over for dinner tomorrow night but I am doing what I do best - avoiding my housework!

I don't know why, but I dragged these little miniature cow bells home today from my fav thrift store Value Village. They looked so vintage, I couldn't resist.

As you all know my
sister-in-law Gaby is German, her whole house has that European feel and I knew she would love the colors of this little bell. I decided to turn it into an ornament and glittered her name on it! I think she'll love it. :)

The rest I hung on my rustic mantle...

It just goes to show you that if you love an item enough, you will find something to do with it...

Nov 27, 2007

Just A Quickie...

I don't know about you ladies, but I swear my husband thinks this house decorates itself. He think it's like magic and is not sure exactly how it all happens. (much like when I pull my bra out through my arm sleeve - he is STILL bewildered by that one) I have been dragging up decorations form the basement like a mad woman and I think I am burning myself out. Time to take a break from it all. :)

So I found these neat little fuzzy ornaments while shopping the other day. I just love the look of them (well, I loved them until I realized they SHED like crazy!) I thought they'd be nice strung up in a banner, and I actually thought of this before I saw my sister's Melody's artful creation btw. :)

Just as simple as pie. All I did was string them up and hot glue some silver glittered initial on them.

Tah-dah! Instant holiday garland.

Nov 26, 2007

I've Got Some Competition!

My ever-talented sister Melody (truly, she's the crafty one in this family) made this wonderful vintage style decoration. Don't you just love it? I think really that seeing it has MY name on it, that she should really give it to me. C'mon, Mel! She doesn't have a blog or anything so I can't link to her but just had to share this beauty with you all.

Now seeing that's she's family, I'm sure she won't mind if I try and copy her idea. ;)

Melody is actually quite a gifted seamstress and she will soon be making some GORGEOUS pillows which will be for sale on my site. I'll keep you posted...

Nov 25, 2007

Things I Don't Want To Hear...

"I know this is a chain letter but please read on..."

"Mom, we accidentally broke something downstairs..."

"It's time for your pap smear..."

"Did you cut your hair?"
(a nice way of someone not complimenting you on it)

"But Mom, it wasn't my fault!"

"The writer's strike sees no end in sight..."

"Oh sorry, the sale ended yesterday."

"Hi, this is the school calling..."
(ugh - never, never a good thing out of this call)

"We're out of toilet paper!!!!"

"George Clooney is dating (insert model name here)..."

"Oh, it looks like we have these shoes in every size BUT yours."

"Is that what you're going to wear?"

"I have to pee!"
(3 mins into a 2 hour car ride)

"But I didn't MEAN for it to happen...."
(yeah, but it did)

"Hi, I'm calling from ABC Company, would you be interested in purchasing..."
(no! and especially not at dinner time!)

"But Moooooommm, I'm not tattle-taling!"

"You need a complete overhaul."
(can be referred to automobile or self!)

Stay tuned for the next list..."Things I love to hear!"

p.s. to commenter Debi, please email me at :)

Nov 23, 2007

Friday's Vintage Find

Can anyone tell me what the name of these white flowers are? *Updated - Kathleen has informed me that they are snowdrops. Thanks Kathleen!

For sale now on ebay - check sidebar for link!

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like...


I think I jinxed myself. I made a comment over on the fabulous V.V.'s blog stating that we had no snow here and poof! The next day, we got SNOW. And lots of it!

The kids were thrilled as it was a snow day (we had ice rain too so the buses were cancelled) They went out 4 times to play outside, then they'd come in because they were soaking wet, wait for their stuff to dry and head back out again. They love it. Wilbur is a bit confused. This is only his second winter and was bewildered in the morning when everything outside was now covered in white. I wonder what goes through that little mind...

I had to laugh at my daughter the other day. I bought her a skirt for the holidays and she tried it on, twirled around and said "But Mom, there's a crack in the back..." I replied, "No, Elle that's not a crack, that's called a slit."

Kids. :)

Nov 20, 2007

Slow but Sure

Because our Thanksgiving has already come and gone, I am slowly but surely starting preparations for Christmas. Geez, I am as bad as all of the stores playing Christmas music right now. I just can't stop!

Last night I made the mistake of drinking a Diet Coke at 9:30 p.m. What was I thinking? Well, I was wide awake until almost 1:00 a.m. and this morning I am paying for it. (who knew eyes could get that swollen from a lack of sleep?) Staying up late always seems like a good idea at the time. And then morning comes.

I made another one of my ornament mirrors. I made a larger one for myself a couple of years back as I am not that talented to try and tackle a whole wreath. Besides, I like the look of the ornaments on a mirror, it fools the eye to look like there's more. This petite vintage mirror is for sale in my shop. It's made with all vintage ornaments, and there are some real goodies in there.

I stole this decorating idea below from my best friend Janet I love the way the ornaments hang out happily. Do you know how many 'JOY' ornaments I have? Janet gave me this little one and I love it - it's real silver which is already starting to tarnish. By the way, if you are looking for mini lights on a brown cord (rather hard to find around here) she's got some for sale.

Speaking of decorating for the holidays, I'll be joining the magnificent Karla during her blog party "What Do you Love About Your Holiday Home?" This is it ladies! A chance to peek into someone else's windows from the comfort of your home - not from a fogged up car window!

I want to wish all of my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends....

Nov 19, 2007

German Christmas Overload!

O.K. the weekend is over and I am back in the saddle! Here are some of the treasures I picked up at that German Market I mentioned on Saturday...

I just fell in love with these old advent calenders. They're new/old stock and are stamped made in GDR. (German Democratic Republic) Can I just say that vintage German Christmas decorations, etc are the BEST? They bring back so much nostalgia.

Anyway, these advent calenders are super neat because they are re-fillable and can be used year after year - just fill them with whatever your little heart desires! I have close to 20 of these and I will be listing them in my shop today.

One of them still had the actual vintage presents in them!

These are the boxes that the nutcrackers came in. I bought a small nutcracker which came in the small box and the gentleman gave me the bigger, empty box as a bonus. He couldn't believe I wanted it to decorate with. The little ornament he kindly threw in for free too...well, I did spend tons of money at his booth so I suppose he was buttering me up!

This little angel is so delicate, hand made and vintage as well. Very tiny - only 2" tall. I'll lose this baby in no time!

I got three box sets of these handmade wooden angel ornaments in their original box. They're so cute blowing their trumpets and have the cutest gold crowns on their heads. I'll keep one box and sell the other two...

I also got this vintage wooden decoration. Four candles sit atop of the bridge. The details are amazing and the fact that these came in their original vintage boxes just floored me.

The gentleman who was selling these wares also sells wholesale and I hope he has lots more to choose from! I'm a vintage girl at heart...

Nov 17, 2007


Wilbur, get out of the way, I have to take a picture!

(He never did move)

Well, here's my baby all dolled up! I added the glittered HOPE at the very end as an afterthought. Very befitting as my life has turned out to be all about hope. :)
(click on pic for more detailed view)

One the very bottom of the salvage piece it was very rusty so I simply adhered some antique passementerie silver threaded trim. The width was bang-on and now it hides the not-so-perfect bottom!

I had this old German tree topper but I yanked the cone off of it (for some odd reason) years ago. It was too small so I mounted it on some heavy duty cardboard stock and then covered that in antique sheet music. When I was making it, I stumbled upon the "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" music scrap - a piece I had saved and knew would come in handy some day (hint, never throw things out - you WILL find a use for them!)

This piece is super-duper heavy but hangs from a pretty satin ribbon. I am still undecided whether I will keep it or sell it...

Anyway, on to other things... I found this cute iron purse at a thrift store yesterday and dressed it up for the holidays. See the tag on it? My sister gave me wonderful antique German die cut roses and I modge-podged one to one of my old milk bottle caps. I am getting SO much use out of them!

Yesterday I was without the internet all day! (and cable t.v.!) Oh, the horrors! They (and when I say 'they' I mean the horrible ogres) were working on the cable/internet wires all day outside my window. A 10 hour 'scheduled' outage that the cable company never bothered to tell anyone about. Love how they do that.

Last night I went to a Kris Kringle Market - a German craft/wares show that happens once a year. I got some really neat new/old store stock German Christmas decorations in their original boxes. I will post on that later. I desperately need to get some more coffee coursing through my veins right now...

Nov 15, 2007

It's Time For Another Edition Of...

"What are you going to do with THAT?"

An old shabby grate - originally pale pink and green. (be still my shabby heart!) Let's just say it will be decked out in holiday splendour proving the old adage - everything old is new again!

Nov 14, 2007

Feeling Festive...

Well, I finally got all of my vintage pram wheel decorations done....

They were really a joy to make. (no pun intended)

You can find them under the 'Holidays' section in my shop The Hope Jar if you are interested.

Just had to share these little goodies which are up too. I got these old milk caps many years ago at a house sale. They're as old as the hills and with a quick hole punch make perfect holiday tags!

And finally, a parting shot of Wilbur today as I found him on the couch. Does this dog have the life or what?

Nov 13, 2007

And The Award Goes to....

There once was a flea market near my home and one vendor happened to be this lovable, sometimes crass older man. He was harmless really and loved to call the women who frequented his stall "Toots". Only he could get away with it. I mean, who says that nowadays?

Well, I know at least one person.

My son Jack, all of 12 years old will sometimes pull out this "Toots" line and every time he does (it's not often - he knows the art of saving a good thing) I crack up. Every single time.

He hasn't called me "toots" in a long time. Last night, out of the blue when he was watching DWTS with me, he nonchalantly turned to me and said "Hey, Toots, why do they all have to do different dances?"

Milk shoots out my nose. I wasn't prepared.

I love that kid.

If there's anything that can change a bad day around, it's laughter. I love to laugh. That's why I decided to make my very own blog award called:

"You Make Me Laugh!" Award

On this very auspicious occasion, the very first honorary award goes to my son Jack for making me laugh and reminding me that milk coming out of your nose is really a horrible thing.

I am sending this award out into the "blogosphere" hoping that it will go forth and procreate. Like Celine Dion, I want it to "Go on and on..." I will not put any limitation on it as to who you think is funny, you can choose how many people you wish to give the award to. Hey, the more the better!

Drum roll please...

The first ever recipients of the "You Make Me Laugh Award" are:
(in no particular order)

Kim at Scrap to My Lu. This chick is funny. I get you Kim. You complete me! ;)

Colleen at
Fresh Vintage Her take on Avonatrons is hilarious!

Wanda at
Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk
I could give her this award solely on her blog name.

The Fabulous Miss Fifi at Chez Fifi for listing a "How To Give a Cat a Pill" list and the funniest jack 'o lantern I have ever seen. Oh, and the fact that she has two dolls which depict her as "Good" and Bad" - they are constantly trying to out-do one another. (and usually end up behind bars)

My best friend Janet at Gifted - sure wish she'd WRITE MORE!

And last but not least Rox! There is no 'mince-meating' around here - she will lay it on the line. The girl sure can make me LAUGH!

Yes, there are more but it is now 11:38 and I am still in my grubbies. I must end this post.

So ladies, cheers to you! Take this award and give it to someone who makes you laugh. And please know that on any given day, somewhere in Canada, there is a girl sitting at her computer desk laughing at - woops, I mean - with you. :)

Nov 12, 2007

Monday Musings

As I've always said, it doesn't take much to make me happy. I came across this cast iron frame at a thrift store on Friday, it has no back to it - just the frame. I love the lines of it and decided to just hang it as-is. It fits perfectly in this window niche.

I hit the mother-load of old milk caps! Love the time-worn linen color on these. I decided to stamp them up and use a hole punch to make tags out of...I especially love the crowns because I can place a little glue on the tips and then sprinkle them with silver glitter! I'll probably list some in my shop...

Fake it til you make it baby! I am always looking for items with a European flare but they are hard to find here. I did get this old drawer yesterday and turned it into something Parisian...all I did was take the little paper label out and stamped it with one of my favorite Paris stamps. Voila! Old world charm.

I have to day a BIG heartfelt thank-you to Alicia at
Time Worn Style as she gave me this award yesterday:

Check out her blog, it's filled with tons of eye candy from Australia! Now, I am to give this award to two other bloggers. So I pass this honor on to Lidy from
French Garden House and
Julie from
Nunnie's Attic. Both have been sweethearts to me!

O.K. I must go now as I think I have a migraine coming on - I can't focus and I am seeing little silver threads. Ugh, although I have a million things to do, I think a dark, quiet room may be in order...

Nov 9, 2007

This Dog is Getting on my Nerves

Yes, this dog. Wilbur.

This sweet, cute, adorable dog.

Well, sweet, cute and adorable when he wants to be.

This week has been a rather bad week for Wilbur. And I know Mr. Cesar Milan, that is is probably all MY FAULT that my dog is acting up, but whatever.

Where do I begin...well, on Sunday I ran over to my mom-in-law's for a quick visit. (she lives on the street right behind me) I knew I wasn't going to be gone long so I left the t.v. on and all that jazz. The kids and I had just has some veggies and dip and I left in out on the kitchen island, and might I add - not near the edge. I think you know what happened next...

Yes, Wilbur helped himself to some roughage - carrots, celery, green peppers and cucumber - and washed it down with a bowl of creamy dill dip. Who knew he was a vegetarian? And somehow he never managed to break the dishes, they magically stayed put.

Oh well, so he had some veggies and dip. No big deal, right? Well, you should have seen the mess on the floor that I woke up to on Monday morning (and no, thankfully, I didn't step in it) It was large - and green AND THE SMELL... 'Nuff said?

This dog knows when he's done bad. Take for instance his two looks...

And his "Oh no, I think they're on to me"...

It's all in the eyes.

This morning while I was on the computer Wilbur decided to help himself to the leftover chicken noodle soup that I had made for the kids' lunches. He jumped up to the counter and was having a good 'ol time when I finally heard him clacking some dishes around. Busted! Momma was not happy. Here Wilbur was gulping up the soup like it was his only meal in weeks. (the dog eats twice a day with lots of snacks...) Like an addict, he knew what he was doing wrong but just couldn't help himself. He tried to make it up with a remorseful face but knowing I will be cleaning up lots of noodles today - in a way that I can assure you WON'T be pretty - cancelled that out.

I may never eat chicken noodle soup again!