Nov 13, 2007

And The Award Goes to....

There once was a flea market near my home and one vendor happened to be this lovable, sometimes crass older man. He was harmless really and loved to call the women who frequented his stall "Toots". Only he could get away with it. I mean, who says that nowadays?

Well, I know at least one person.

My son Jack, all of 12 years old will sometimes pull out this "Toots" line and every time he does (it's not often - he knows the art of saving a good thing) I crack up. Every single time.

He hasn't called me "toots" in a long time. Last night, out of the blue when he was watching DWTS with me, he nonchalantly turned to me and said "Hey, Toots, why do they all have to do different dances?"

Milk shoots out my nose. I wasn't prepared.

I love that kid.

If there's anything that can change a bad day around, it's laughter. I love to laugh. That's why I decided to make my very own blog award called:

"You Make Me Laugh!" Award

On this very auspicious occasion, the very first honorary award goes to my son Jack for making me laugh and reminding me that milk coming out of your nose is really a horrible thing.

I am sending this award out into the "blogosphere" hoping that it will go forth and procreate. Like Celine Dion, I want it to "Go on and on..." I will not put any limitation on it as to who you think is funny, you can choose how many people you wish to give the award to. Hey, the more the better!

Drum roll please...

The first ever recipients of the "You Make Me Laugh Award" are:
(in no particular order)

Kim at Scrap to My Lu. This chick is funny. I get you Kim. You complete me! ;)

Colleen at
Fresh Vintage Her take on Avonatrons is hilarious!

Wanda at
Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk
I could give her this award solely on her blog name.

The Fabulous Miss Fifi at Chez Fifi for listing a "How To Give a Cat a Pill" list and the funniest jack 'o lantern I have ever seen. Oh, and the fact that she has two dolls which depict her as "Good" and Bad" - they are constantly trying to out-do one another. (and usually end up behind bars)

My best friend Janet at Gifted - sure wish she'd WRITE MORE!

And last but not least Rox! There is no 'mince-meating' around here - she will lay it on the line. The girl sure can make me LAUGH!

Yes, there are more but it is now 11:38 and I am still in my grubbies. I must end this post.

So ladies, cheers to you! Take this award and give it to someone who makes you laugh. And please know that on any given day, somewhere in Canada, there is a girl sitting at her computer desk laughing at - woops, I mean - with you. :)


RoxRocks said...

Oh you can link me anytime, toots!

Thanks for the award!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Love your header. It's just lovely. Your post was so funny. Aren't kids grand? What would this world be without them...

Sherry said...

How often do you hear anyone say "toots" wonder milk came out your nose!!
I love that episode of "Lucy" and I think you creating this award is brilliant. Long may it be passed on!!!

Farmer Di said...

Toots...that is funny ~ Especially from a 12 year old!

SO i see you are From Ontario Canada...SO Am I!

What part of the provence are you from ~ I am in Eastern Ontario just south of Ottawa!!!

Diana aka Farmer Di

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

lemonaid is worse!

Thanks so much. I'm glad I make you laugh. :)
I'll post it when I can gather my list. Thanks!
I love that blog name too. The junk one.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

your son sounds so cute and funny!!

Wanda said...

Oh, my! I just realized I didn't thank you in your comments! I did on my blog, but certainly need to do that here. THANK YOU! I'm honored! And in such good company, too!

Can I give your own award to you? I'm still talking about your post about poor Wilbur. That was the funniest thing I seen in awhile.

restyled home said...

Love it!! I love nothing better than a blog that is funny and creatively inspiring. Who wants just fluff and advice giving??!! Not me, that's who. A good laugh is worth its weight in gold...

Have you ever been to the wooden porch blog?? Now, SHE makes me snort with laughter!! ALL the time!! Check her out: http://the

I know you'll find her humour as funny as I do...