Nov 23, 2007

Friday's Vintage Find

Can anyone tell me what the name of these white flowers are? *Updated - Kathleen has informed me that they are snowdrops. Thanks Kathleen!

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Nunnie's Attic said...

I can't tell by the painting but I did a little research. How's this sound??

urophylla 'Winter Beauty'
urophylla 'Winter Beauty'
Larger Image Synonyms - anshunensis; clarkeana; Winter Beauty
A species from China bearing creamy-white bell shaped flowers with a wax-like appearance, borne singly from the leaf axils. EVERGREEN

Flowering Months - 12 - 2
Aspect - Sheltered and free draining
Prune - Tidy after flowering
Height - 12 + feet
Flower Size - 1.25 inches


Kathleen Grace said...

The white flowers on the pitcher are snowdrops. They are a bulb that blooms very early, sometimes coming up through the spring snow. I have grown them and they are so beautiful:>)

Joy said...

Thanks Kathleen!

RoxRocks said...

I'm flower-challenged.

That's a nice um, pitcher? What do you call that thing anyway?

Debi said...

Hi Joy....

I just read your comment on Blissful's blog. And just wanted to let you know that I found your site a few weeks ago, but because I have been so busy with the holdiay season, I have not had a chance to contact you about your products.

I am not only a designer/artist, but own a showroom & boutique in Houston (since 1979) and would like to talk with you about your products.

Look forward to hearing from you...debi

So Blessed... said...

sooooooooooo ppppuuuurrrddddyyy!