Dec 3, 2007

Digging Out

Wow, we have had quite a snowstorm here - and it turned into another "Snow Day" for the kids. That's two now and it isn't even officially winter yet! Yikes! It has been snowing here for almost 24 hours and I think we've had enough.

I managed to do some more Christmas decorating on Saturday before my company came. Still, the tree isn't up yet. I am procrastinating on that one. The kids wanted me to do it today but I had to get some website orders off and that took quite a bit of time. I also had to make some more wallpaper packs and that is one tedious job lemme tell ya. I have to iron the wallpaper because it is old and stays rolled up. Listen, I don't even like ironing clothes so this is one task I am not overly fond of - to say the least. Ironing wallpaper - watching paint dry, almost the same thing. Boring!

This is my "cream" colored table. Oh, I just got a chippy cream colored breakfast tray at V.V. today and I think it would look good on here. I had to leave it in the truck when I got home cuz hubby was here and I just couldn't take the rolling of the eyes routine. It will stay hidden until tomorrow morning when he is safely gone. Once it is set up he will like it - but if he saw it coming in as just an old chippy breakfast tray he would have nothing good to say!

I don't know how exactly my Pixie collection got started, I am still actually not sure that I care for them that much (!) but here are a few cuddled up in a wooden wagon I picked up at another one of my fav thrift stores. I love the banner on it. See the snowman next to it? It's an old German candy container that my sister got at a huge yard sale for 10 cents. She was so sweet to give it to me. Oh, by the way, she gave me the JOY garland and now it is hanging above my sink, I'll have to take a picture of it. In return, I gave her an old sugar dish covered in shabby roses - she LOVES old roses.

I've said it before but I am always overwhelmed by the kindness of the ladies I meet on the internet. Sherri from Antique Paperie a gorgeous online shop filled with beautiful handmade papers, tags, etc placed an order from my website. Well, today she emailed and told me she was starting a "Featured Artist" on her site and that she was going to feature me! Sherri, thank-you so much. You made my day, I am really thrilled and honored to be your first feature!

And it really must be my lucky day because I found out I was the monthly winner of a draw over at Karla's Cottage! Don't forget - she is having a big blog party "What Do You Love About Your Holiday Home?" on December 12th, you won't want to miss that!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I loved seeing some of your Christmas decor. Both pics are lovely, but that second one made my heart skip! I just love vintage Christmas!! How absolutely charming!

RoxRocks said...

I'M NOT READY FOR CHRISMAS YET!!!! I'm starting to panic, I feel like I'm behind the 8-ball. Actually, it's the Christmas cards. I'm two days later than I wanted to be in getting them out and it's got me all aflutter. I can't even THINK about decorating yet!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

I gotta say joy, those elves in the wagon do have a cuteness about them!! Enjoy the snow, we had floods here the other day and we live on top of a mountain, I kid you not!! roof leaked a bit but got away with minimal damage thankfully.
Alicia ~ time worn style

Wanda said...

Oh, the pixies in the wagon are perfect! I have a goodly collection of pixies (Big surprise, huh?) and just have them scattered in the "pantry" sitting on shelves and cookbooks, but I sure do like yours in the wagon. I like that a lot better than what I've done.

Monica said...

Love seeing everyones Christmas stuff and your PIXIES are the cutest ,love the wagon!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I hate ironing that wallpaper too!!! lol! it is just so hard to manage if you don't!!

My husband is the same way... he rolls the eyes and tells me all the reasons why I shouldn't follow along with my plan for this or that...then when it is done he says..that looks so nice! funny how men are!

cindy said...

My hub rolls his eyes cause most "lives" in his garage (or my car) till I can decide what to do with it. LOL.
Love all your decor...cute.


Jennifer said...

I love that... "rolling of the eyes". They just don't get it do they!?

Jennifer said...

I love that... "rolling of the eyes". They just don't get it do they!?

restyled home said...

Congrats on your being featured...a very smart move on her behalf! I share your habit of sneaking in the old stuff so hubby won't see! He just doesn't see things like I sad!

p.s. I LOVE your pixies!!