Jan 16, 2008

Caught Red-Handed

The other night I had that mother's intuition thing going - it was 10:30 p.m. and I just KNEW that Miss Elle was not sleeping and up to something. When I snuck in commando-style to her room there was a flutter of movement and then when I got to her bedside she pretended to be asleep. Problem is she can't fake it and ended up smiling, or shall I say, pretending not to smile. I asked her where her Gameboy was and the first thing out of her mouth was a panicked "It's in Jack's room!" Huh? When all else fails, blame your brother! I proceeded with my line of questioning knowing full well it was under her covers somewhere. After a grueling 4 sec grilling I pulled back the covers and there it was. Lit. Still on. Hmmm, can't make up a lie about THAT ONE. I told her I was very disappointed in her for playing very late at night but moreover that she lied to me about it.

The next morning I awoke to breakfast in bed courtesy of the guilty party. Along with two pieces of (very cold) toast was this 'vignette'. Oh my goodness, she's her Mama's daughter - she even has to decorate an apology! (or should I say a "suck-up") lol

In February we are off to Puerto Plata for my Uncle's wedding in which Ellie is the flower girl. Might I say that this is her FOURTH kick-at-the-can at being a flower girl? Some poor little girls never get a shot at it and here she is at her 4th walk down the aisle. We are close to the movie '27 Dresses' for Pete's sake! This is a beach wedding and the colors are ivory so I was lucky enough to find this beauty on ebay. It's chiffon with a pale brown sash which I think will look pretty with the sand and sea. And ladies, the price was right on this one. Brand new and only $28.00!

Yes, I shopped victoriously!

Well, this post marks #499 for me so you know what that means...GIVEAWAY next post! I am gathering up some goodies for the prize ... some really cute stuff, be sure and stop by... :)


Sugar Bear said...

That is so cute! A precious memory.

Robolady said...

Sweet kids, great apology, wonderful dress, better at the price. Can't wait for your give-away. Wow 500 posts.

Antique Paperie said...

Wonderful Apology Mom!
That really made me smile - as I have been down that road before. (Except it was Cold Oatmeal, YUCK! and a plate of dried roses they stole from my scrapbook stash, and she used my good scissors to boot!!) Oh what kids we have....
xo Sher

Alison Gibbs said...

How sweet she will look in that dress.
Mmm cold toast! Clever apology.

Vintage Tea said...

So cute... I hide things in my mum's bed so she'll find them when she turns back the covers, magazines, a teddy, photo's.

The dress is lovely... does it come in larger sizes?!!!


Fran said...

Pretty dress! My kind of shopping deal!

Sandy said...

Any chance you'll be giving Wilbur away? :) (big smile). My dtr. does similar things w/her DS (pink) in her bed - when I walk in she acts like she is sleeping!
Fun post Joy! Sandy

Monica said...

how funny , they are so innocent at this age ..hah!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

wow! what sweet, wonderful children you are raising =) love the dress you found for your daughter! debbie