Jan 12, 2008

On Being Organized...

The idea of being organized has a real pull for me and in some ways you could say that I actually am. That is, on the surface.

Hubby busted me the other day when he was looking for something in the downstairs bathroom. You see, every single nook and cranny here is jammed with STUFF. The bottom cupboards in the bathroom happen to house all of the STUFF that I had in my sun room. Well, I figured better there than dragging it all the way down to the basement.

So, try to open a drawer or cupboard around here and you will end up finding a lot more than you bargained for - and usually never find the one thing that you wanted in the first place.

Out of sight out of mind? Yes, but I still know that all of my Christmas decorations are willy-nilly in the basement... in the room that was supposed to be hubby's 'work room' but now has become the "stuff-everything-you-can-find-in-this-here-cuz-no-one-will-see-it-down-here-with-the-door-closed' room. Until you actually need something out of that room - which can be disastrous as when you open the door various items come raining down upon your head.

My dream is to buy about 100 Rubbermaid containers, label them and stack them up against the wall. Wouldn't that be great? The organizer in me finds this idea almost seductive and I wonder why I don't actually follow through. Well, maybe because I don't have $1000 to spend on containers right now. But mix-matched cardboard boxes just don't cut it. It's like a greasy cheeseburger compared to filet mignon. A 1970 Datsun compared to a Benz. Or the 'Hoff' compared to George Clooney. It's just not the same thing.

There is a reason for my madness however. I saw this quote somewhere and it sums me up perfectly:

"Organized people are just too lazy to look for stuff."


Kathleen Grace said...

I absolutley LOVE the quote! I must make a collage with that quote and frame it:>) Now, where is all my collage stuff?......

RoxRocks said...

Get thee to Costco. They have bankers boxes 10 for 18 bucks and they're sturdy. It's good for a start.

You've got the "It's-January-my-house-is-too-cluttered-because-I-can't-go-outside" thing going on too eh?

I'm going to paint that saying on something, it's classic!

restyled home said...

Hah!! Love that quote!! I actually have bought a fair number of Rubbermaids over the years, so most of my stuff is in them up against the walls. The problem is, all the junk my hubby and kids pile up near that nice stack...so I'm still in the same boat as you when I go on the hunt for my things...!!!

Love those egg baskets, by the way! You are sooo talented!!


Antique Paperie said...

I LOVE that photo! So Vintage Chic!
Your Website looks fabulous darling! The Easter Baskets are precious :)
xoxo Sherri

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

ha! ha! ha! loved this post. sure made me smile... =) debbie

Genevieve Olsen said...

OMG! that quote is soooo funny! I have always wondered why people bother to be so organized now I know !!!

The Paris Apartment said...

I'm jealous you have a big enough place to store all the
stuff and keep rubbermaids stacked! PS love your pretty egg project from yesterday!

VintageGirlatHeart said...

Amen to that!!!!and organized people are so boring!!!I am the same way and as I get older it gets worse but I love my mess!!
and aside from that "Housework makes you ugly"!!! lol!!!
Love love love the egg project from your last post!!!
have a Blessed day!!!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that is "organized on the surface" I love that.... I alway claim it is the creative side that is
all cluttered with stuff... you gotta have stuff

Alison Gibbs said...

Fabulous post.
Love the photo.
We all have those hiding spots for our 'stuff'
I so love that quote. I must mention to my husband.

~j~ said...

thank you for your comments on my blog, it's so ironic that today i had decided to stop being shy and leave comments on a few of my favorite blogs, yours being one!
Thank you for encouraging me to come out of my "lurking closet", (just learned that i might be one :).
The poster is still available and I am tempted to get a pink one too!!
thanks also for the compliment on my son and his bride to be. it's hard to believe i am going to be a mother in law, now to hit the goal of Grandma before 50!!!
Happy organizing.... or not.


HA i love the quote ! Thats sooo me.
Oh and i have one of those rooms too...um mah *grin*.
I like to think of it as organised chaos.

xo Shannon

Gayle said...

Since you are such a creative person, I'm sure you can find something better than Rubbermaid to store your supplies in! I collect vintage picnic baskets and suitcases - add a tag telling me what's inside, and stack them up - it's LOTS more fun than plastic tubs!

Auntie Joy said...

If you get plastic totes be sure to get clear, so you can remember what is in there.. I know you can label it but nothing like seeing your treasures to get inspired. My problem is I keep getting better things to put stuff in and I spend half my time "oganizing". My favorite for smaller things is glass jars with lids then there is at least some continuity...The whole organized thing
has to be overated!