Feb 25, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

Well, bird and bee really. I am Spring cleaning and this print needs a new home.

It really is a sweet one...

I'm just not sure where to list it...ebay, etsy or my website. I hesitate to put it on my website because it is not perfect - the print is wavy as you can see from the back. Still presents well though....

I was tagged a while back by my blogging friend Margo, aka
Robolady, and must reveal 7 random things about myself...

Here goes:

1) I was a 'mistake'. My Mom hates it when I say that but I wasn't a planned child. She was on the pill when she got pregnant with me. Oopsies!
2) My sister is 2 years older than me and her middle name is Joy.
3) I have tried and tried and tried but just can't bring myself to like red wine.
4) I wear sunglasses all the time outside - even on cloudy days.
5) I sleep with a pillow on top of my head. (a habit that started from trying to drown out hubby's snoring)
6) I am no good at 'doing' hair.
7) I laugh hysterically when I get a pedciure as I am insanely ticklish. It's embarassing.

I really don't know who to tag as this meme has been going around for a while now and I think everyone has done it. If you haven't, I sure would love to read yours, so let me know if you do it!


Sugar Bear said...

Oh honey I hear ya on drowing out the snoring!

vintage sue of VRS said...

I, too, laugh hysterically during pedicures, but I'm only ticklish on my feet. AND, I also wear sunglasses no matter the weather. I say it's because of my contact lenses, but I suspect it's the "coolness" factor. OK, I actually said that.


Antique Paperie said...

Beautiful print!
I actually have never had a pedicure. Only Manicures. I never wear Sunglasses, and I guess that is why I am always squinting!! The lines around my eyes...well, anyway. (haha!) My major random thing? I can't cook. It has to be out of a can, out of a box or ready-made. I just add to :)(The Turkeys at Thanksgiving and the Christmas Ham - I buy already cooked!!!)
Fun Post! xoxo Sher

Fete et Fleur said...

I was a mistake too and red wine, yuk! I love the 7 facts about you. It's always fun to now that people have the same likes and dislikes.


Anonymous said...

ahhh but the fabulouslness of a pedicure! Worth the ticklish giggles all the way darling joy!


Jasminé said...

I've never had a pedicure...always meant to. I never used to like red wine, but have developed a taste for it, especially Californian...and now...I have to watch that I don't like it too much!(oops)

Wanda said...

I have that same print around here somewhere. It's a very pretty one. I think the web site might be the best place for it. As long as you show the damage and don't hide anything.

We don't have the snoring problem at our house anymore. Hubby got a CPAP. YEA!!!

Jennifer said...

Joy I have to laugh...I too got pregnant while on the pill and cannot get a glass of red wine down if you paid me...go figure!?