Mar 25, 2008

My Living Room is Gone!

And that's a good thing!

Hubby and I have been ready to re-do our living room for a very long time and yesterday we decided to start this HUGE undertaking. First, the couch that we bought for comfort - not looks - (big mistake!) made it's way to the basement rec room where it will be well loved by the kids. It was a rather large sectional that didn't allow me to re-arrange the furniture whenever my little Gemini-fueled-mind wanted to and that was a problem.

The paint color was a very large bone of contention between hubby and I. I don't recall ever really wanting the moss green that was up on the walls but low and behold it's there. This time I held my ground and politely informed him that I would be choosing the paint color. After much deliberation he gave in. I want a really seamless feel in this room and the color I have chosen is a linen white.

So now I am without our living room - the place where we all hang out and watch t.v. It's so empty in there now that it actually echoes! The large wall unit that graced the far wall is now in the basement as well and a flat screen will take it's place. The couches - and chairs - that are on order are a warm cream and a classic design - but also very comfortable. (and surprisingly quite affordable!)

The windows also need addressing. Big time. They will be painted and then dressed with light and airy sheers. I can't wait for this makeover to be complete!

In all of the excitement of moving furniture yesterday I hit my baby toe a total of THREE excruciating times. The first time I rammed it into the round coffee table in the first pic. Hit it so hard that I dramatically fell to my knees, in hopes that someone would see me and feel very sorry for me. Didn't happen. They were all downstairs. Then, a few short hours later I magically hit the same toe against a column in the basement. Again with the dramatics - this time I had an audience to share in my pain. Sweet commiseration! And then finally, if two times were not enough to hit the very same injured toe in one single day, I hit it on the couch in our office. Expletives flew from my mouth like they were armed and ready to do so. The pain was unreal. When I went to bed last night and I pulled off my sock, I was shocked to see that it was purple and bloody. I don't know why, but I actually felt better. My pain was visible and I proudly showed it to all of my family members like it were a badge of of honor. A casuality of design. But oh, it will be worth it!


In other exciting news, my sister Melody has finally started a blog! If you have a minute, please stop by for a quick visit, she'll be thrilled. :)

UPDATE as of noon Monday:

Very disturbing news - my credit card company called and apparently someone has been using my card for the last week. They've used it for gas purchases, restaurant and grocery purchases - and most disturbingly - to buy a credit report. Well, of course I am petrified that they have bought my credit report and now plan to do some major damage in my life. And just a heads up girls - I have never lsot this card, left it anywhere - and I am the only card holder on this account. How they got the number is beyond me. So right now I am on hold (20 mins so far) with one of two credit agencies to see if in fact my credit report has been breached. Please keep your fingers crossed for me...


Natasha Burns said...

Ouch I'm sending you pitying glances now! That would HURT, three times!
Well at least the lounge room is happening. And your sister has a blog, yay for her, talent must run in your genes, her shadowbox is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous Joy! Make overs are so exciting! I hit my head so hard yesterday that I actually cried! Have fun painting!

Roxrocks said...

Oh oh! How did they get the card number?! Are you sure it's the credit card company on the phone and not a scammer? Call the RCMP and keep us posted! That's scary stuff!

I hope your toe feels better soon!

~j~ said...

Oh Joy, I am so sorry ,isn't that the way, you are all pumped up about doing something fun and then BAM! you practically break your toe and then have your credit threatened all in one swoop. I had a bout just like this recently, it just makes you shake your head in amazement but a laugh out loud kind of amazement or is it shock :) anyway thinking of you and hoping things will turn out well with that.
p.s. way to stand your ground with the paint color....

Robolady said...

Oh Joy, I am so sorry for your CC problems. But I'm sure the CC company will get it all sorted out, and I'm glad that you found out early. You'll need to keep an eye on your credit for awhile, but maybe there is a service out there to help you with damage control. I don't know if you Canadians have anything like a social security number, but if you do, you'll need to keep an eye on that as well. Wouldn't life be so much better without jerks, and thieves, and general bad folks.

Love the blank space living room, so exciting for you to be able to do the big change. Love the sign on the beam, tell us more about it.

Chin up,

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH Joy... it is my worst fear with the credit card! Oh my gosh... a credit report!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep us posted!

So excited for you about your living room. xo

Jenny said...

Your living room is a beautiful size. Love the beams!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
Scary stuff with your credit card! I have one card we use online that is a small limit. That way if anyone ever got the number they couldn't do much damage. Last year we had our main card breached as well. It's such a violating feeling. Thankfully our c/c company was on top of it all!!
Hope it gets rectified pronto!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh your poor toe.
Must check out your sisters blog.
Oh your living room looks so big, can't wait to see it finished
Hope things get sorted with your credit card.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

hi, Joy, what a fun project! Can't wait to see this room all done, it sounds delightful.

So sorry about your credit problems. I hope you can get to the bottom of it. Seems like this sort of thing is happening a lot lately. For what it's worth, I just ordered a free yearly credit report for myself & it took an act of congress to get it, so maybe you are safe. They would have to know an awful lot about you to get it.