Mar 14, 2008

Shop Update

I'm adding some new goodies to my shop this week including sets of this assortment of unused, antique seed packages from the Card Seed Company of Fredonia, NY. They feature the most divine graphics and date to the 1920's.

My head is spinning with the possibilities...

They would be wonderful for use in scrapbooking, altered art, using as gift cards or for decorating in your potting shed or garden....

I've also made up some custom vintage wallpaper tins. These are fun! Each tin is unique and is covered in vintage floral wallpaper and tied with vintage seam binding, ric-rac and millinery flowers.

Inside you will find over 25 samples of old wallpaper for all of your crafting needs!

O.k. enough self-promotion...I feel cheap! lol

*Calling all California girls!*

I need your help. As we are going to be in San Francsico near late May, I was wondering if anyone of you knew if there are any flea markets or hot junking spots we should try to fit in? I'd love to hear any and all suggestions. :)


FrenchGardenHouse said...
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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Not sure exactly how far away this is, but I have heard that Alameda Fleamarket is the BEST!
xo Lidy

A Fanciful twist said...

Hola lovely lady!!! You must contact Lisa at Heart of the Nest and ask her! I am sure she knows!!! How fun is that going to be??

Looove your treaures! And those seed packs! Spring is gooooood! xo

Brenda Kula said...

I think I have those exact seed packets on a CD I purchased from Stampington! I've used them for decoupage and all sorts of things. I did one lampshade with them, I recall. Love vintage seed packets, as I'm an avid gardener.

kathy Hansen said...

the alameda point antique faire is the first Sunday of the Month so unless your going to be in town on June 1st you'll miss it but it is fabulous. If in town on Memorial weekend Pleasanton has then semi-anual Antique faire; it's a very charming town and a great shopping. Berkely has a wonderful Salvage shop, and I believe there is a swap meet every Sunday in Oakland and also one in San Francisco you'll have to google it but Its every Sunday. In Freemont there are tons of antique stores on the main drag of Niles. If you give more specific towns you'll be in or near I could help. Kathy Hansen

Sherri said...

Oooh la la my dear - I LOVE the Vintage Wallpaper custom tins - my FAVES!! I want one of those :) Gorgeous, you always have the most creative ideas! My grandma used to live in San Fran, you will find treasures on every corner. I promise, for every new and hip shopping boutique they have, another vintage or retro one is right around the block. Hope you have fun!!
The seed packets would be so awsome Scrapbooked - or decoupaged onto old or antique style clay pots.....Love those
xoxxo Sher

Little Pink Studio said...

I agree that the Antiques by the bay flea market is great! I can't wait to go back again!
I am not sure about junking there, but I can suggest some great shopping spots. Timeless Treasures is wonderful. She has all sorts of old letters in every kind you can imagine, as well as other vintage things! The owner is very sweet!

In Berkley, you must go to Tail of the Yak, it is one of the best stores, all sorts of wonderful things to create with, jewelry, etc. Really one of my favorites places out there.
Also in that area is Castle in the Sky (or is it Air?) Wonderful supplies again.
I will think of more and let you know...San Francisco is one of my very favorite cities! I have been wanting to go again soooo bad! :0)
~Cerri xo

Sandy said...

Great looking stuff. I want to plant the seeds in my garden! LOL
SF? You'll only be 5 hrs. away from me!!!!!

Barbara said...

Wow - just found your blog tonight and I love it! Read your post about the big roll of rickrack (very jealous) and the antique store in Massena. I spent a lot of time in Massena for work some years ago and wish I'd known about that store - it might have made my stay more pleasant!

nickycunha said...

i've been looking for decor inspiration for vintage labels for my outdoor wedding next year. i just HEART the seed packets - thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

Love the vintage wallpaper tins!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I noticed you said you would be in San Fran in may. My daughter is a freshmen at San fran state. She is the flea market queen and started my addiction. Truly she finds more stuff in fresno at the salvation army then in the city. They have some fun goodwills but it is the city so they price it as such. Berkley is where the goood shopping is supposed to be and she found this salvage store. She bought me an old window for $5. She has to move out of her dorm in May so we will be there to help her. When you get closer to your trip..let me know and I will try to have store names for you. I love SAN FRAN.