Apr 30, 2008

Favorite Childhood Toy Party!

The ever adorable Jessi from Scrappy Jessi is hosting a "Favorite Childhood Toy Party" over at her blog. She has invited everyone to share their fav toys from the past and I have to admit that researching this to find pics was such a blast from the past!

I would be remiss if I didn't include Jack. (maybe that's why I named my son that?) I loved this toy when I was about 4 or 5 years old. The graphics were colorful and bright and I have to admit- it scared me every single time it popped.

The game of Simon. Ahhhhh, what a frustrating game for a girl who had the attention span of a knat....

My sister Melody and I loved Ernie and Bert.
I was always Ernie.
She was always Bert.
(Ernie rocks!)

My heart still pounds when I see this Avon *perfume pin.
I loved this Avon pin...

Until my friend Debbie came to school with THIS pin...a bunny wearing roller skates...I just about died!

They ingeniously hid perfume in the back of the pins. I can still remember how it smelled. Yes, Avon knew the hold they had on me and produced many more of these oh-so-fabulous pins. I became an addict. And happily so....

"Lil Kiddles." Need I say more ladies? Genius. Small cute dolls nestled inside small cute vessels.

What more could a girl want?

Even though I have previously admitted on this blog that I have no talent in 'doing' hair, I loved my Farrah Fawcett Glamour Center. I could continually botch her hair - and her make-up - and she never said a cross word to me!

Thumbelina. What a sweetie. 'Nuff said?

Ahh, the Lemon Twist. If you didn't have a Lemon Twist you were nobody.

And finally, the ever popular Barbie Camper. I would skootch down real low, peer into that camper and imagine myself camping out with Barbie and her friends. Maybe Ken would stop by for some roasted marshmallows by the fire? One never knew!

Thanks for joining me in a walk down memory lane - hope you enjoyed it! :)

Apr 29, 2008

Unleash Your Dinner Party Diva!

I am always looking for new (but old) product ideas for my shop and came up with a fun idea for dinner parties. It all started a while back when we were enjoying some tasty Chinese food and sharing our fortunes. I love fortune cookies but hate that they come in plastic wrappers - how déclassé!

So I came up with

Dinner Party Bottled Fortunes©

Individual fortunes wrapped in sheet music and nestled delicately into vintage bottles. The perfect accessory for your dinner party and a fun and intimate way to get people talking.

Each bottle comes dressed with vintage ribbon, old millinery flowers and a "petits quelque choses" - 'a little something' adorning it's neck.

Each one is distinctly unique - just like your guests! I think they're a fun and unique way to accessorize your table for a special dinner party....

This set I've recently added to my shop and look forward to making more...

Apr 28, 2008

Let's Go Shopping!

Seriously, is the internet not filled with FABULOUS women?

One of my newest favorite places to shop is The Beautiful Life. Have you been there? Ruth, the proprietor, aka my "new best friend" is the sweetest gal around. We have been emailing back and forth and decided that we must be long lost sisters as we have an uncanny amount of things in common. Anyway,
this girl knows the art of packaging. I just received my new Skeem candle in Sea Spray and it is divine. Ruth really knows how to pamper a girl and she carries some really neat stuff.

(photo copyright The Beautiful Life)

Many of you know Sherri from The Antique Paperie. She is currently re-stocking her shelves in her online shop and will be adding a whole new array of goodies. I can't say enough about this gal! I just received a package from her in the mail and I was BLOWN away. Sherri has a generous spirit and talent that is truly second to none. She is a DELIGHT and I am truly blessed to call her a friend. :)

(photo copyright Sherri Mitchell, The Antique Paperie)

I'll be featuring more of my fav sellers in the near future...isn't so wonderful to have such lovely wares right at your finger tips? Well, lovely to me - a little annoying to hubby!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention...the couches? One already has chocolate stains on it. Can you believe that? And no one will admit to it. It was either Jack, Ellie or hubby. And a strange feeling tells me it was the latter...

Apr 25, 2008

New Items in Stock

I have some new updates in my shop including these cute vintage metal letters. I just love 'em...

I also listed this vintage 3-arm brass chandelier - it's a sweet petite size.

This vintage rhinestone necklace features a wondeful topaz gem...

And finally, I have added some new wallpaper packs...

Hope you all have a wonderful sunny, warm weekend wherever you are!

Apr 24, 2008

Small Mercies...

Well, our living room is now complete, save for the carpet. Which is odd because it is the first thing we bought. (we're having a remnant cut and finished off with a border) For some unknown reason the elderly man who is going to do it keeps putting us off and putting us off. And today I was actually glad for that.

When I came home from picking the kids up at school I opened the front door and was greeted with a horrible stench. Let's just say Wilbur ate something that DID NOT agree with him. And he proceeded to anoint our new living room area with his precious gift(s). It was not pretty. But, easily cleanable seeing our rug is not yet on the floor. Thank heaven for small mercies...

We took down the burgundy "Change For Richmond Line" sign that had been on the beam and changed it out with this Fleche D'or (Golden Arrow) sign. We had purchased a large lot of these old enamelware signs that had come from London, England and this one was in the bunch. We assume it's from France and I like to go one step further and dream that it is actually form Paris. Hey, you never know!

Yesterday we picked up the console that now sits underneath the t.v. Once hubby modifies it somewhat, it will house our dvd player and cable box, etc.

So, our reno project has now come to a close and hubby and I are still-
a) married
b) civil to one another
c) exhausted!!!

Apr 22, 2008

Weekend Finds & Thank-You Cindy Crawford!

Well, the couches (and 2 arm chairs) are in! Now we are waiting for the rug and the buffet/console. This room is taking forever to finish! But at least we can sit comfortably in it thanks to none other than Miss Cindy Crawford. Yes, it is her line of furniture. I still have to chuckle over that one. But hey, it's a great design at a really good price. Who knew?

My sister Melody and I went flea marketing on the weekend and I found some treasures to drag home. I loved these old trays, I have some like them somewhere around here but these are taller and skinnier....I have three more and will list them in my shop...

I like the look of black and white photos clipped on them...the Parisian postcards are a recent ebay purchase.

This old hatbox HAD to come home with me for the fleur de lys alone! It was a no-brainer at $5 bucks....

And just look at these adorable little loving cups. A set of three! They are dated 1934 and all feature the same recipient. The seller said she polished up one just to see what it would look like but for $5 each she said she wasn't going to clean the others. I had to laugh....

And grab them.

And run from her booth like I had robbed her.

And then, I found this small - but tall - loving cup in the 'dungeon-y' basement of the flea market. Let's just say that that usually the only thing you'll find down there is a communicable disease. So imagine my surprise when I found this. I had to pay a lot for it....

One dollar.

Don't hate me because I was a loving cup magnet! ;)

p.s. Happy Earth Day!

Apr 19, 2008

The Poor Woman's Diamond...

I always thought of rhinestones as the poor woman's diamond! :) I do so love them... the way they catch the light and sparkle so intensely. I took a couple of photos of my favorites for "Show and Tell Sundays" This week's feature is 'Vintage Bling'.

Be sure and stop over at Cerri's from Little Pink Studio to see more blogs featuring fabulous bling!

Enjoy your weekend!

Apr 16, 2008

It's Coming Together...

The painting is complete! Woo-hoo! I feel like having a party! Except we have no furniture yet....

We are currently waiting for our rug, couches, two arm chairs and the new buffet-style unit which will sit underneath the t.v. But the painting is done!! And I love it, it totally opens up the room and it is so much brighter.

There was a whole lot of Spring cleaning going on here today. And we only reached the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to be done but I was able to drag out some of my treasures that were stored and re-organized this bookcase.

I decided to change the vignette on this old farm table.
(best viewed in full size, just click on it)

I soon realized that this was the perfect place to display my "Fowl and Chicken" creation. I had planned on selling it but I just can't let it go. (for now anyway!)

I scored the cream drawer at the 'junk' place Janet, Karen and I went to last week for $5.00. Wait- it was 50% off, so really it was only $2.50! I just loved the look of it and decided to put it out where I could enjoy it. Of course, I had to "ram it full" as hubby would say. I don't care, I love my junk!

I don't know about you ladies, but sometimes I really wonder what exactly my style of decorating is. I am torn between some new sleek styles, chippy old stuff and European old world. I decided just to mix the new with the old and not let any decorating magazines try to dictate to me what I should be doing. I will just decorate with what I love and somehow it will all come together. Right?

Above is an old display case which I covered with my old prescriptions. Can you tell I love cream? Although I love it, I am going to sell it.